• Crisis

    15 Dec 2006, 13:11 by beef_durante

    I am down to my last tea bag...I am like a junkie staring at his last bag of skag, knowing that one last beautiful hit and then oblivion beckons. I may need to cross the threshold to obtain more supplies...why can't the bloody cat do it? I need to get food for her as well, why can't she feed herself? Some lame excuse about not having the necessary opposing thumb and forefinger.

    My enforced bedridden state(see prev.) has meant I've been trawling through the pages of lastfm and listening to recommended radio and p*ndora(can I mention the opposition here?). The necessary result of these serendipitous meanderings is a visit to my friends at Norman Records(a free sweetie with every purchase),my bank balance will suffer accordingly . Who am I to sneer at people who watch QVC?

    I love getting surprise stuff through the post so was cheered up enormously by a parcel today from my friend and bass player, Crawdaddy. A belated birthday pressie consisting of 2 CD's, Apocalypso Now and KC Rules OK.