• Fedicia Exine Remixes

    19 Jul 2011, 23:54 by melanopus

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    Front & Follow presents a new experimental music project, following on from Long Division with Remainders: 14 Versions of the Same EP (featuring Leyland Kirby, Isnaj Dui and Sone Institute) and the debut album from Sone Institute ('A minor classic of British electronica' - The Wire). For this project we invited artists to remix the track Fedicia Exine by The Doomed Bird of Providence, resulting in an eclectic mini-album of ambitious reinterpretations.

    Tracklisting: The Doomed Bird of Providence - Fedicia Exine

    1. I Am A Vowel mix
    2. Mark Beazley mix
    3. Position Normal mix
    4. Cloud in the shape of Klaus Schulze (live)*
    5. Zoon van Snook mix
    6. Robert Logan Diazapam mix

    *mix by Psychological Strategy Board

    I Am A Vowel
    is Nelly Languier. Fang Bomb released her debut album ‘ET OP LA BANG!’, created with her voice, stones and a laptop computer. The ‘Body Curves EP’ will be out in 2011 on Fang Bomb. …
  • Megaepicki post posumowywawczy 2009

    31 Dec 2009, 12:11 by Ithil_pl

    Ojej, to już koniec grudnia, a to oznacza że kończy nam się rok 2009! Jak przystało na miłośnika statystyk, zestawień, list, podsumowań i tak dalej, ponownie podaje swoje typy do najciekawszych tegorocznych płyt. Tym razem jednak moje zestawienie będzie wyglądać trochę inaczej. Ale o tym się przekonacie jeśli będziecie czytać dalej. Powodzenia w czytaniu tej masy tekstu. UWAGA: Najwytrwalsi mogą liczyć na specjalną nagrodę! Na począteczek subiektywny top 2009, dalej podsumowania roczne w danych gatunkach.


    1. Fuck Buttons - Tarot Sport (neo-psychedelia, electronic)
    2. Clark - Totems Flare (idm, techno)
    3. Mount Eerie - Wind's Poem (lo-fi, singer/songwriter)
    4. The Field - Yesterday and Today (minimal techno)
    5. Animal Collective - Merriweather Post Pavilion (psychedelic pop)
    6. Tim Hecker - An Imaginary Country (ambient)
    7. Mastodon - Crack the Skye (progressive metal)
    8. Natural Snow Buildings - Shadow Kingdom (avant folk)
  • Headphone Commute's Best of 2009

    27 Dec 2009, 13:13 by liftmuziek
    I absolutely hate rating music. I hate dating it too, but rating… That’s just wrong. I mean, how can you compare the minimalist beauty of Taylor Deupree to the pounding beats of Chris Clark? What’s the scale here? Last year, in Headphone Commute’s Best of 2008, I attempted to tier my favorites into “Absolute Must“, “The Very Best“, and “The Essentials“, and even that, of course, is rating music. This year, I wanted to select my favorite releases from each category – but then I was faced with another dilemma – lumping music into genres is probably even worse than rating it! All this negativity has been clouding over me until in a bout of frustration I came out with the answer!

    And so, I present you with 15 lists of 10 favorite releases unified by a unique theme in alphabetical order by artist. That’s 150 albums of the year! You will see that these entries tend to fall within similar styles anyway…
  • Jus Wan Electronic Explorations Mix 2009

    30 Jul 2009, 11:34 by mentasms

    01 N-Type - Dark Matter
    02 Distance - Night Vision (Skream’s ‘So Nasty’ Version)
    03 Rob Sparx - Sludge
    04 Taylor - Janglefuss
    05 FaltyDL - Encompass
    06 Disrupt - Wir rufen die Venus
    07 Venetian Snares - Filth
    08 Jamie Vex'd - Radiant Industry
    09 Synkro - Tell Me
    10 Eprom - Shoplifter
    11 Reso - Otacon
    12 Various Production - Trycycle (EE Exclusive 1st play)
    13 Von D - Coquine
    14 Robert Logan - Ultraflux
    15 Asa - Intimate
    16 Len Faki - DX 3

    Jus Wan Mix (1:04:06)
    01 Jus Wan - Beyond
    02 Funk Ethics - Trans Europa Step
    03 Breakage - Rain
    04 Instra:mental - Futurist
    05 Ramadanman - Humber
    06 Pinch - Joyride
    07 Geiom & Appleblim - Shreds
    08 DJG - Avoid The Noid
    09 Jack Sparrow - Geode
    10 Joe - Rut
    11 Jus Wan - Action Potential
    12 Jus Wan - QB41
    13 xxxy - Rain (J.Sparrow Remix)
    14 Jus Wan - The Crossing [Tube10]
    15 helixir - Black Cat
    16 Martyn - Yet
    17 Pendle Coven - Exigen

  • Headphone Commute Reviews (July)

    19 Jul 2009, 14:21 by liftmuziek

    Looks like I've been falling behind even further. Something is happening, and I'm wondering if it's just me, or is the time really slipping away between the snow and the sprouted greens and the steaming asphalt and the fallen leaves. All I have between now and then are these words, and between the words is always the music. Meanwhile, I was able to squeeze out a free mix for your enjoyment, compiled of some of my favorite Intelligent Breakcore tracks. So point your clickers here for a free download. Besides that, I am also super excited to present you with not just one, but two label profiles covering some of my favorite music. There is the n5MD and the forever beautiful Merck. Click the banners below for a full label profile and interviews available only on As usual, I would appreciate a comment or two, and recommend that you Subscribe to RSS Feed.

  • FNM 2008 dzeń 3 recenzja

    1 Jul 2008, 11:59 by jmvarelse

    Ze względów materialnych, a także ze względu własnego gustu muzycznego (bo po cholerę mi karnet 3-dniowy jak nie trawię ani Lidella, ani Deadbeata) w tym roku (zresztą jak i w poprzednim) na Festiwal NowaMuzyka zawitałem tylko jednodniowo. A, jako że Prefuse'a raczyli ujawnić dopiero kiedy już miałem bilet, wybór padł na niedzielę.

    Do Szarej trafiłem tylko na półtorej setu, nie wiem zresztą, kto grał, bo programu Szarej nie znałem. Pierwszy wykonawca grał jakiś eksperymentalny ambient/drone, co nie zawsze dawało się wytrzymać, chociaż niektóre momenty miał dobre. Swoją drogą byłem świadkiem (symbolicznej?) sceny, jak to przyszła na ów set dwójka ludzi z dzieckiem. Po paru minutach wychodzą. Dziecko z zatkanymi uszami. Morał z tego taki, że edukację muzyczną dzieci od experimentalu zaczynać nie można, choćby to był i sam Edgard Varese.

    Drugi set z kolei dryfował w stronę IDM-u, chwilami przypominając nawet The Marcia Blaine School For Girls. …
  • Rotations (Mar 3)

    3 Mar 2008, 01:56 by liftmuziek

    I shut down the lines, turned over the locks, silenced the clocks, and took a vacation. That was a week ago, and now seems like last year. Meanwhile, I had to take a step back from rotations, even though the music kept spinning on my mind. Thus a month went by, and now I'm back with another installment. All that doesn't mean that I haven' been keeping busy - I was able to document an exclusive interview with none other than The Flashbulb. So make sure to point your clickers there and read!

    Conversations With Benn Jordan


    Robert Logan - Grinder EP (Slowfoot)

    Last year, 19 year old Robert Logan hit the UK scene with his debut album, Cognessence. It was immediately embraced by the dubstep and the dark experimental IDM communities alike. In February 2008, Logan followed up his full length with a 12" EP on the same label, Slowfoot Records. …
  • POSTEVERYTHING news: 03/08: WIRE half price DVD + loads more new stuff

    27 Feb 2008, 15:13 by PostEverything




    WIRE - The Scottish Play: 2004 (Pinkflag) CD/DVD - half price for March. After a considerable absence from the live scene Wire have just announced dates for new live shows later this spring. The band are now well advanced in recording and mixing its 11th (as yet untitled album, due for release later this year. Get a reminder of things to come by purchasing 'The Scottish Play' CD/DVD of their Triptych live performance from 2004. Half price at £7.50 until the end of March.

    THE LEAF LABEL giveaway continues - LPs from £2 & Singles from £1.25. In an effort to clear some space in their overstretched warehouse, The Leaf Label is making available most of their available vinyl releases available at super-cheap prices, for a limited time. You can buy any of the singles and EPs in the list below for just £1.25 each (+p&p), and the albums for
    just £2 (+p&p).

  • ROBERT LOGAN - Grinder EP back in stock & on CDR

    20 Feb 2008, 13:15 by PostEverything


    Slowfoot have just dropped around some more copies of Robert Logan's fantastic new 'Grinder' EP' on 12"

    They've also allowed us to sell some CDR copies of the EP. Exclusive to us these CDRs come housed in normal jewel case sleeves with full colour inlay. There just CDRs instead. Ideal for the digital DJs out there.

    Go to:


    Robert Logan
  • BBC Radio 1 | Mary Anne Hobbs Experimental program

    21 Jan 2008, 18:34 by stormdub

    A whole heap of brilliant new music

    Wednesday 2nd January


    Cadence Weapon - 'In Search Of The Youth Crew' (Big Dada)

    Christian Dittmann - 'Barrio Alto' (Dubplate)
    Double S - 'From Day' (True Tiger)

    Scuba - 'Hard Boiled' (from the LP 'A Mutual Antipathy') (Hotflush)
    Gastón Arévalo - 'Verona' (Thinner)
    Santogold - 'Creator' (Lizard King)
    Clark- 'For Wolves Crew' (Warp)
    Sumone - 'Oblivion' (Planet Mu Dubplate)
    Robert Logan - 'Lost Highway' (from 'Grinder' EP) (Slowfoot)
    The Dave Elvis Experience - 'Blue Xmas EP' (Shaky Mix) (Tad)

    DJ Distance - 'The V' (Dubplate)


    Clark Mix
    William Oaksmith-Untitled
    Clipse- Mr Me Too acapella/ Voltek/Clark
    Clark-Beg Clark-Penultimate Persian ( Penultimate mix)
    Clark-Penultimate Persian
    Underground Resistance-Communication Silence/Clark-Synths/Clark-aggro percussion
    Clark-Megamud 5
    Clark-Truncation Horn
    Clark-Conviction Theme