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Robert Johnson

Cross Road Blues (2:39)


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  • un poco de blues en esta noche fría.
  • Hope the water you drink is this good.
  • Yes Louie - I know it,and I would like to drink some beers with you,in a campfire,in the deepest forrest,and talking about the Blues,the whole night long untill the sun is rising !!!
  • He also fooled around with to many married ladies analogmike which that's what really killed him besides his fast paced & dangerous life. They have two graves with Robert Johnson's name. Robert Lockwood Jr. who was his last relative MAYBE would've known but he passed away a few years ago.
  • You`re right ! littlelouie 1.
  • Willie Brown & Son House.........would love to know where he went for six months. He lived a fast paced & dangerous life which cost him his life. We're VERY lucky that he was recorded in time. All of his songs are classics and about five are big classics which this is one of them.
  • One of the most classic songs ever recorded!
  • isto é blues!
  • Thats what I'm talkin' bout
  • ~GREAT1~and if you listen closely to the words, Son House's account of the deal struck between the soon-to-be LegendMan and Lucifer kinda makes sense. sad, but could well be true ~OhYeah~
  • The legendary tale fraught with peril. Crossroads? Where's a good overpass at when you need one?
  • Magic [2]
  • Ohhh...that I'm standing at the crossroads babe, I believe I'm sinking down
  • The magic spring of modern rock indeed: Robert Johnson, and his mythic "encounter with Old Scratch".
  • finally I find out whose song Cream covered at Winterland!
  • magic
  • And at the Cross Roads is where it all began
  • desperation
  • AWESOME...............SUPERNATURAL......
  • A legend!
  • Very,very,very.....
  • Gosh I am convinced this music is for me-I am alive again LUV IT!
  • The legends started with this song
  • This is where it all began... [2]
  • pure roots, awesome
  • This is where it all began...
  • as good as it gets............****************>>>>>>>>>>>>
  • Yep.
  • Terraplane Blues not Crossroads. Brilliant aw the same
  • AWESOOOOOOME :))))))
  • in love
  • Pure perfection at it's finest...The ROOTS of the tree right here people
  • no doubt!
  • RJ is a beast and a half.
  • du vrai, du pur, que du bonheur !!
  • the one and only....
  • the naked truth ,timeless .
  • lOve
  • as good as it gets
  • Gone but never forgotten
  • Pure quality.
  • As bad as they come and then some!!
  • pure classic ... the devil himself playing guitar ! this is what you get when you sell your soul
  • Back again, and the devil just comes by and winks at me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2Hrp9kZGbQI
  • THE MAN.........
  • I fell to my knees... No devil ever came up to me. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UtN-gdy8kZ4&feature=channel
  • If you want to epitomise blues in fewer than three minutes, this is what you should play. The ultimate blues track.
  • sgager hits a bulls-eye with his shout. this is indeed ~The Real Deal~ oh, yeeaaahhh....
  • Great cover of that Karate Kid song. (calm down, only jokin')


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