• Ratings: prog albums released in 2000-2009

    30 Jun 2012, 16:01 by selkadi

    Last updated on August 04 2013

    Inspired by Mark_H's fine lists, I've decided to publish my ratings of albums. This is my list of prog albums released from 2000 thru 2009 and you can find links to my other lists on my profile page.

    I rate every song on an album based on the following criteria.

    10 - Masterpiece
    9 - Excellent
    8 - Very good
    7 - Nice
    6 - Average
    5 - Could be better
    4 - Don't like it
    3 - Bad
    2 - Horrible
    1 - Can't listen to it

    When rating an album, I calculate its weighted average considering each song's duration. I also consider previous works released by the artist that I know of, so I can adjust ratings from time to time.

    Albums rated around 7 or above are recommended.
    Albums rated around 6 are average and you could give it a try to see if you like it.

    So, here is my list, which will be updated as I rate new albums or adjust some ratings. Feel free to leave your comments ;-)

    01. (=) echolyn - mei (2002) - 8.62
    02. (=) Steve Unruh - Out of the Ashes (2004) - 8.16
  • Robert Berry - dorky musical disaster

    19 Apr 2007, 15:49 by Bohemian Thinke

    Have you checked this Robert Berry? if you haven't then you should bother. He writes horrible progressive folk metal and then in his last FM page ( has the cheek to diss metal and prog... even though that's what he creates! He's a complete joke.