• Elliott Smith - "New stuff"

    3 May 2007, 19:55 by MattWhitby

    Last week there was "new stuff" from Nick Drake (see Journal Entry) and now there's a "new" album from Elliott Smith.

    It is of course a duoble-edged sword. It's not as if i've not scoured the internet for out-takes, music sketches and the like, but it seems wrong to actually release something. Smith like Drake was a perfectionist and worked endlessly on his songs. Would he not be horrified at the thought of his unfinished ideas being released? I suspect that he would.


    Here in all their cut-and-paste glory are the details:

    Disc One: 01. Angel In The Snow From the Jan/Feb 1995 sessions at Leslie Uppinghouse's home studio that yielded much of the S/T record. Elliott's mix appeared on a CD that came with Mike McGonigal's magazine, Yeti: Volume I.

    02. Talking to Mary From the 1995 sessions at Leslie's. This is Elliott's rough mix as the master tape is sadly missing.

    03. High Times From the 1995 sessions at Leslie's. …