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  • Strangely, I would say IATDOCT > EHAFBAM > BTBH. It seems like most people stick Eight Hours as their favorite Roadside album though.
  • so good band!
  • sunkenanchor: nice
  • Buy Roadside Monument - Eight Hours Away From Being A Man from Moonlee Records | [url=http://www.discogs.com/sell/item/19133557?ev=bp_titl]Add to Cart[/url]
  • christian? fuck that shit so
  • funny thing is that i discovered them by buying a set of random records just because i wanted the ones from 31 knots in it. now i love them more than 31 knots.
  • a spanish trail - <333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333333
  • so underrated, just another band that will forever be known as a footnote on the Tooth & Nail roster that was mismanaged and poorly marketed.
  • They flew under everyone's radar, but I think that's partly because Tooth & Nail didn't know what to do with them. They were pitched to the punk/emo audience when they really should have been pitched to the math-rock audience, those who listened to Ativin (former tourmates), A Minor Forest, and Rodan. Oh well.
  • I can't believe how this band flew under my radar for so long.
  • where have these guys been all my life?
  • how the fuck are they close to screamo? the only song that guy probably listend to was sperm ridden burden...
  • Probably my favorite band atm
  • I think he did !
  • wait, did that guy say they sound like a screamo Cap'n Jazz?
  • I LOVE THIS BAND, and, most of all, i am the day of current taste. so brilliant.
  • people should listen to more of this. everyone tell your friends about roadside monument, send them the songs and shit. it's a shame this band doesn't have a few million srobbles on last.fm
  • sick band.
  • screamo cap'n jazz
  • john wayne marina...man i miss this band.
  • phenomenal band, their set at Cornerstone was AMAZING... There is a website where you can download mp3s of the entire set, i'll have to find it. They ended with Sperm Ridden Burden and Ford almost shook the tent down.
  • I miss all the old bands on Tooth&Nail records and Roadside Monument was one them. Did any of you guys seen them at Cornerstone?
  • roadside monument owns.
  • This band changed my life. Period.
  • Anyone have I Am the Day of Current Taste? I can't find it anywhere!
  • underrated,unfortunatelly or unfortunatelly,underrated?
  • classic stuff, let me tell you

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