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  • Avatar for essavel
    Bring Old Back -
  • Avatar for nomeutente94
    magnificence inside
  • Avatar for Luchiq
    amazing! great job!
  • Avatar for DronEFEdroN
  • Avatar for erokezmort
    i licked!
  • Avatar for Maatels
    Great voice...
  • Avatar for kOrBa007
    great music
  • Avatar for Rof_Woof
    Hand up producent have same alias, limited kids :)
  • Avatar for nyfelim
    Kurwa, co to ma być "Rivendell - Club can't handle me"?
  • Avatar for adrynalyna
    good music
  • Avatar for Willensmacht
    Why did this come up in my "black metal" station but I'm listening to some faggot eurodance trash?
  • Avatar for svartdod
    bring me to rivendell!
  • Avatar for otyget
    Really hoping he'll give us more wonderful music one day.
  • Avatar for Nachtreise_
    Rivendell - Club can't handle me? wtf?
  • Avatar for kOrBa007
    very good
  • Avatar for petydyna
    brilliant :)
  • Avatar for DarkDeamon
    great band \m/
  • Avatar for Violet__Evileye
    Falkenbach with lyrics about Tolkien's legendarium :)
  • Avatar for EquiWish
    which is good.
  • Avatar for EquiWish
    reminds me of Falkenbach at points
  • Avatar for MrReznov
    Who's That Chick (G4bby Feat. Bazzboyz Remix), awesome
  • Avatar for SlayerOfLight1
    Haha wtf rofl @ the top song
  • Avatar for virus_found
    And it has _nothing_ to do with Summoning. The only thing they have in common - is the LOTR theme. Stop comparing them.
  • Avatar for valerus
    Is there any new on Falagar? He hasn't updated his site in four and a half years.
  • Avatar for missmetal86
  • Avatar for EquiWish awesome band anyway
  • Avatar for Nykaneh
    Give me a link for download
  • Avatar for GasparG
    One of my favorite bands! Uma das minhas bandas favoritas! Falagar rules!
  • Avatar for eqsmetal
    awesom band ...............good atmospheric but the vocalz are quit ok.........not that good like summoning............:):)
  • Avatar for RafaelDivoz
    hola _D
  • Avatar for TheJonMaster
  • Avatar for Unknownrooster
    Lol @ Ahnenstahl not being in the similar artists
  • Avatar for Eadrin
    I hate it when I see "Black metal" tags for the music like this... Anyway, the band is very good.. Excelent sound, excelent lyrics. Too bad they will propably never make it to Poland =/
  • Avatar for ArcticTundra13
    Best of the best when it comes to Lord of the Rings music.
  • Avatar for Avondschemer
    not underrated, just less known
  • Avatar for Peiper22
    underrated band
  • Avatar for frummel
    Rivendell ist aber auch sowas von geil ! "The Old Walking Song"-->Hair is raising on the back of my neck... ;-))
  • Avatar for Unknownrooster
    "Sounds like a poor man's Summoning to me" What summoning albums sound anything like this? the ones i've heard are nothing like this ..
  • Avatar for summoning89
    very underrated
  • Avatar for TG_Cid
    Sounds like a poor man's Summoning to me.
  • Avatar for lordicewar
  • Avatar for MrReznov
    What the hell is that in the top tracks? Elvish Sexy Bitches from the mighty land of middle-earth?
  • Avatar for backslashh
    The Ancient Glory is a masterpiece-album!
  • Avatar for summoning89
    Back to Lands We Once Did Know
  • Avatar for KraeheK
    Man, this guy really loves Falkenbach, doesn't he?. It's pretty good, though.
  • Avatar for Otyg666 more words
  • Avatar for summoning89
    cause they are goddamn buttholes
  • Avatar for Avondschemer lame! ( Rivendell Feat. Cruncher - Sexy Bitch (Henry Blank Remix) ) i still don't get why some artists/bands choose names which already excist, doesn't make sense to me
  • Avatar for fljazurka
    sexy biatch fail xDDDDDDD aj lajk dis a lot.^^
  • Avatar for PawUloN_
    Can someone tell me, what is Sexy Bitch at the top tracks?


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