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  • Avatar for riberychen
    forward !
  • Avatar for denismgn1
  • Avatar for monkeyh82 for all your rival schools needs!!
  • Avatar for osmark
    returdeadly underrated band
  • Avatar for Godslide
    Found is not new album !!! Some song was released in 2003 !!
  • Avatar for hrdbrknthfmlytr
  • Avatar for knight_88
    New album is pretty good!
  • Avatar for nomapple
    Didn't realise they had a new album out. Nice surprise.
  • Avatar for Godslide
    Great band )
  • Avatar for R-Dixxon
    I saw them perform 2 new songs as a 3 piece last month. Exceptional stuff.
  • Avatar for eddiemb
    Just so in the mood for these guys at the moment. And they are a bit emo, in the same way Far are an emo band - ie, before it became a fashion statement and when it was about emotional punk rock. :-)
  • Avatar for freeBee1976
    Yo this is some dope techno.
  • Avatar for crushed_candy
    Who the F* tagged Rival Schools as Emo ? [3]
  • Avatar for CrackmanJesus
    Latest album is definitely a grower, and it's fucking mint.
  • Avatar for a-d-t-r
    bought United by Fate on a whim today and I like it
  • Avatar for lovemedestroyer
    Latest album is a grower.
  • Avatar for Nobodylikesyou
    I wouldn't complain unless you want me to.
  • Avatar for good-byelife
    \/ that's what i wanted to read
  • Avatar for Milkman519
    Any band named after a Capcom arcade fighting game is a band I will listen to.
  • Avatar for Diotor
    You know, it's hard to say what I like more, the game of the band. Both are really good.
  • Avatar for good-byelife
    Listen to Rival Schools while play Rival Schools
  • Avatar for mcleworth1
    you guys might like Pirate Video Company. Been Compared to ATDI, Fugazi and Blood Brothers.
  • Avatar for SaucyPete
    saw these guys in buffalo,amazing did a cover of shovel- quicksand ,my mind was blown away
  • Avatar for peacelovesanti
    these guys rule
  • Avatar for CaptainTurtels
    The ghost is out there is $weet
  • Avatar for Hawkdaddyfoolz
    The new album is decent but it has nothing on United By Fate.[2]
  • Avatar for slave_guard
    Ian Love has left the band...
  • Avatar for spacematador
    walter schreifels has one of the best voices of all time
  • Avatar for Mr-Usuario
  • Avatar for Chaosweaver144
    "Who the F* tagged Rival Schools as Emo?" It's not all that emo, but it's also not that big of a stretch.
  • Avatar for muff_avenger
    @low-culture, i second that absolutly amaaaazing, i only walked past by chance.made my year maybe even decade ha
  • Avatar for low-culture
    I loved every second of Sunday night at Leeds, thanks guys!
  • Avatar for CrackmanJesus
    Rival Schools were fucking boss as fuck last night. I think that just about sums it up.
  • Avatar for phorque
    rival schools are clearly Brutal Death Metal u guiz
  • Avatar for subzerofun
    Who the F* tagged Rival Schools as Emo ? Well lets start a new category called non-emo then...
  • Avatar for ReptilianC0mplx
    Old school post-hardcore <3 not this modern day screamo crap.
  • Avatar for spunge666
    I like the new album!
  • Avatar for Cosmonaut_
    The new album is decent but it has nothing on United By Fate.
  • Avatar for NarooN
    Awesome band who got their name from an equally awesome game.
  • Avatar for drnrg31
    Wring it out has a little grunge to it, but from the good side
  • Avatar for spectre1982
    What a great album!
  • Avatar for iwoodmac
    Perfect band.
  • Avatar for mattoy666
    Love the new album. Thank you for coming back into my life..... Love RS.
  • Avatar for listentoSCQ
    PEDALS proves that good guitar rock never goes out of fashion. Album review here, for those interested:
  • Avatar for anti_starlet
    god this band reminds me so much of secondary school. almost 10 yrs later and still studying!! hope second album is just as epic.
  • Avatar for ReptilianC0mplx
    Damn. These guys sound so good x_x
  • Avatar for lyooonya
    realy true boys \m/
  • Avatar for Snowspire2
    Lovely <3
  • Avatar for xriverotterx
    yeah and you don't have to listen to them so it's ok
  • Avatar for ChriSThaaRippeR
    new album is awesome!


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