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RITUAL DAY(施教日 - Shi Jiao Ri)

Ritual Day were formed in 2000 and gained a first success in 2001 with their contribution on the first Chinese death metal sampler “Resurrection of Gods”. The album was released underground and limited to 1,000 copies, but was heavily promoted in China's extreme music circles. One year later Ritual Day released their debut album Sky Lake, establishing them among the best Chinese Metal Bands and as the leading Black Metal band in their country.

In the beginning of May 2002,the band started at their debut full-length album. They gave the lots of shows, during which they recorded the debut album and fans response very good at gigs. Despite troubles from the Government in China more than 5,000 times copies of the the album were sold. Their music and lyrics are deeply inspired by Samael, Dissection, Emperor and Mayhem. Despite their death metal associations, there is no violence in Ritual Day lyrics. Instead of Satan worshipping, most the lyrics describe the beauty of the darkness, the vast scenes of warfare and the black inner scene of themselves. To Nong Yong the three most important virtues are honesty, bravery and diligence.

Their second CD released in May 2004 (a Split CD with the Italian band Frostmoon Eclipse) showed a new side of Ritual Day: slow metal and trash metal. Reducing the speed and slowing down the brutality stands their second CD in crass contrast to their first slaughterpiece.

Vocal / Guitar - Nong Yong

Lead Guitar - Zhang Xin

Bass - Pei Lei

Drums - Li Yang

Important Live events

* 1st-4th October 2004, Sculpture Park, Beijing, Midi Modern Music Festival 2004
* 29th May 2004, Old Get Lucky Bar, Beijing, Crazy saturday night at old Get Lucky bar Concert Review
* 24th April 2004, Old Get Lucky Bar, Beijing, Extreme Music Concert
* 28th March 2004, New Get Lucky Bar, Beijing, Beijing-Tianjing-ianshan Extreme Music Festival
* 26th March 2004, Nameless Highland, Beijing, Punk Festival
* 13th March 2004, Old Get Lucky Bar, Beijing, Mort Productions / 10th Painkiller Event
* 1st-3rd October 2003, Beijing, Midi School, Midi Modern Music Festival 2003
* October 2002, Chongqing, Chongqing Beer festival
* November 2001, Tianjin, "Resurrection of the Metal Gods" - Release festival
* October 2001, Tianjin, Tianjin Halloween Festival
* April 2001, Northern Tendency Festival
* October 2000, Disco "Volcano", Beijing, Anniversary of Painkiller Magazine

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