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Rise to Fall is a melodic metal band from Spain who formed in 2006. The band is currently signed with Coroner Records; housing such bands as Disarmonia Mundi, Destrage and Blood Stain Child to name a few.

Dalay Tarda (vocals)
Hugo Markaida (lead guitar)
Javier Martin (rhythm guitar),
Asis Rodriguez (bass guitar)
Txamo (drums)

Rise to Fall's discography:

2006 - Rise to Fall (demo)
2010 - Restore the Balance…

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  • I would rate Cold Inferno a 6/10 while End Vs. Beginning gets a full 9. I only have small complaints here and there; the choruses in the title track, Murk Empire, Dark Clowns and Sustention aren't as strong as I would have wanted them to be but I never skip a track nonetheless.
  • Yes that's what I have to admit as well, although I never thought I'd say this. DM turned out to be just ok, with its highs and lows, while this record is almost flawless from start to finish. Burning Signs is my fav. track so far as well, although Parasites, Sustention and Rise Without Drama are very close to it. I sincerely hope this band will continue to function without any turbulence, line-up changes and other disasters because this is a gem.
  • I agee 100%! They gave Disarmonia Mundi a run for their money, something I never thought could have happened. Special mention for Burning Signs, my jam of the year so far.
  • After a couple of months I can say this is the best modern melodeath album this year and one of the best I've ever heard, this band just keeps improving with every record. The clean vocal melodies are simply outstanding as well as the songwriting melody-wise in general. Despite the fact there are indeed not many riffs used, the songs still manage to differ and shine.
  • Great!
  • love ... the refuge
  • @adamagedone: I dunno, maybe it's just my ADD, but to me, 15 tracks is too much. What I think they should've done is chop off five songs and then released 1 or two as bonus tracks for a japanese release (if there is going to be one) and put the rest on an EP and release that a year or so later. But yeah, I dig Alain. Particularly his cleans, though his harsh vocals are really good, though. I have a feeling that all harsh vocalists who get signed to Coroner get the opportunity to take vocal lessons from Claudio. Alain's harsh vocals have gotten significantly more Claudio-esque since their debut (which is a good thing, imo) and the same goes for Ryo of Blood Stain Child, who was honestly a somewhat atrocious vocalist prior...
  • Personally I've gotten pretty attached to "Plastic Scene". The chorus in that song is so amazing. Just wish the chorus had been a little longer.
  • Burning Signs is by far the stand out track. The Threshold is also pretty fantastic, it was a great choice for a single.
  • Very good album, my favorite from them so far. Personally I have no problem listening to it from start to finish, I actually commend them for releasing a record with such a long tracklist, that takes guts. Yeah, some songs aren't great (the choruses in "Murk Empire" and "Sustention" could have been better, all that build up kinda goes to waste) but still each one has at least some elements I like. The biggest gems to me are "Burning Signs", "Emptiness" and "The Refuge", totally mindblown by these. Alain is a very charismatic vocalist, one of my favorites in the scene.

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