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  • Avatar for Miyavi23
    The end of this song reminds me of George Harrison's ''I Dig Love''.
  • Avatar for richardneal
    "I'm the greatest - in this world, the next world, and in ANY world!" hilarious
  • Avatar for Dylanisgod2
    this kicks ass
  • Avatar for re-tired
  • Avatar for marjo47
    Good song.
  • Avatar for Druid66
    Inspired by Muhammad Ali, if memory serves.
  • Avatar for wmrjmr1957
    kinda what the beatles would sound like today its cool
  • Avatar for Bandit17C
    I believe it!
  • Avatar for DavidSmith98
    lennon couldn't just say he's the greatest, so he gave it to ringo haha so great. and more beatles play on it than a number of beatle songs (yesterday, julia, etc).
  • Avatar for ChazzyLlama
    What a bamf <3
  • Avatar for biancamazzoni
    he's the greatest
  • Avatar for Bastard1
    'Tain't no laaaaaaaah!
  • Avatar for XSeanybOiX
    I was great
  • Avatar for euvargasb
    The one and only Billy Shears!
  • Avatar for itschewbac
    He knows what he's doing here! ha! Love you Ring!
  • Avatar for persocomChii
    oh, we believe it good sir! We sure do!
  • Avatar for klausette
  • Avatar for Elodave
    Great-just great!
  • Avatar for makasupigroove
    As has been mentioned, John wrote this one and played piano and sang backing vocals on the track. Also, that's George playing on guitar. So this is the closest thing to be a Beatles track in between Paul, George and Ringo recording "I Me Mine" for Let It Be and the Anthology recordings of "Free as a Bird" and "Real Love."
  • Avatar for henriette77
    was his best album!! still with lennon +++
  • Avatar for henriette77
    haha .. and U better believe it baby ..
  • Avatar for lovesamrose
  • Avatar for trippysixties
    we already knew that, ringo.
  • Avatar for franty
    you're right, ringo!
  • Avatar for jojuinc
    Indeed you are Ringo, Indeed---you---are.
  • Avatar for itschewbac
    This song is so cheeky! Ringo know exactly what he's doing with this track. ha ha ha! I love you, Ringo.
  • Avatar for luarodracir
  • Avatar for Old-Brown-Shoe
    it just had to be written by John!
  • Avatar for Retro_Saiyan
    Cool song.
  • Avatar for MegStar52
    I think this is a great song! A good vocal on Ringo's part and John is amazing as always. Definitely my fave from the album.
  • Avatar for briansandalls
  • Avatar for palijer
    lol, john wrote this song, but he thought it would be too arogant for him to play so he gave it to ringo.... ringo is awesome.
  • Avatar for GreenPenti
    thats right!!
  • Avatar for ashastarmix
  • Avatar for supersilly123
    You ARE the greatest Ringo!You always will be in my book!
  • Avatar for srgtpepper
    Boogaloo? LOL!
  • Avatar for violatress
    Of course you are, love! Lennon did a fantastic job on this.
  • Avatar for GoBigBlue
    Give me his, "It Don't Come Easy."
  • Avatar for Big_Dip
    Good ol' Ringo!

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