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Paralysed (5:33)


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  • Missed'em in San Fran last week. In therapy.
  • Nothing wrong with it, and N.B. THEY'RE WORKING AGAIN
  • i was gonna say the intro could pass for something like folk or black metal, looks like someone even brought up Agalloch here already
  • great song, though greyishly sad.
  • Ace song IMO.
  • Ride can and did much better than this, it really bimbles along.
  • I don't know what you guys are talking about. I love the vocals.
  • oh, yes, I almost forgot....great "strangeways" break in the middle, too
  • saw them live at City Gardens...1992...drums/drummer is really THAT good..hits them hard..awesome fills..."like a daydream" best track, though
  • Vocals are kinda boring... but the instrumental is perfect... almost reminds me of agalloch in some parts[2]
  • almost reminds me of agalloch in some parts...
  • my song of the year
  • two snares! drums on this track are beyond perfect, fuckin' INSANE. kudos to Laurence Colbert.
  • Track. If I had to pick a drummer for a dream band it would be Loz Colbert. It shows he really cared about the sound when he hit those drums. Every fill and cymbal smash has perfect punch and timing.
  • sex song!!!!!!
  • Well Moulder prolly was aware of the sweet sounds the guitarists we're making and he really knows how to make those guitar tracks dance around in your brain but yeah Loz was great.
  • Loz really shines here - definitely an underappreciated drummer. To my ears, Moulder put him too low in the mix, but the remaster sounds alot better.
  • I get such a Metallica vibe from this song
  • The most beautiful song of Ride
  • Now that's some crazy drumming.
  • I'm with "Crewelmoi" below...........
  • Radiohead is not particularly talented, but very contrived and produced and commercial. Like Coldplay. They get a lot of credit for art they aren't producing. While artists, like Ride, go unmentioned and uncredited. If you were part of the generation that was supposedly defined by Radiohead...maybe you would cringe when you heard that whiney moany sound. This band, however, gives me chills and makes me all kinds of excited.
  • the crazy noise outburst around the middle just makes me jaw drop every time
  • It was 1991: The Stone Roses had made their outburst and we were yet to hear from On a Friday. The sound of Ride came drifting along the Woodstock Road. Hey, these guys were famous and they were from our city. Didn't one of them share a house with somoneelse's ex-girlfriend? Worth buying the LP for. By the autumn, On a Friday had been signed and Ride simply couldn't hold a candle anymore to the most innovative band in the world. But Ride had their moment and it's still there in this track.
  • Great band. Why is it that people feel the need to say rude things about Radiohead? Both Radiohead and Ride are talented bands. Just because Radiohead got more popular doesn't mean that you have to hate on them.
  • one of my favourite ride tracks, of which there are many. At least they knew when to quit unlike radiohead. Not that i wouldnt go to another RIDE gig like a shot. Closes eyes to listen
  • Radiohead sux. This band is soooo much better.
  • Toller geht es doch kaum. Das Lied begleitet mich seit 15 Jahren
  • oh those preRadiodhead days (daze) when we thought this track was the best thing to come out of oxford
  • ooohhhhlllaallaa
  • The best album ever
  • Lovely song...
  • one of my favourite tunes of all times!!!
  • ride were brilliant 15 years ago and still brilliant now. if MBV can reform, why not ride?
  • when i was 14 this really did it 4 me.......still beautiful
  • :)
  • Most under-rated drummer!
  • May possibly be my favourite song, next to Dreams Burn Down.
  • This song takes me to the moon
  • Great song!

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