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  • Avatar for Hitsu-san
  • Avatar for Sonata89
    such a shame that they just created one record...
  • Avatar for mattimek
    + Endless +
  • Avatar for Jason_Kountou
    Prince of Darkness and Far Beyond the Stars are awesome! Too bad they called it quits.
  • Avatar for -Zelgadis-
    Miss them...
  • Avatar for Metallslave
    Added new photo:
  • Avatar for Angel-of-Wrath
    The song New Protection sounds like Thunderstone 2nd album: The Burning, wich is I think their best work, so if you like New Protection check for Thundertone, you might like them too... \m/
  • Avatar for Darmer_91
    nice only album
  • Avatar for sabreblod
    Wow, a power metal band I like.
  • Avatar for Sonata89
    If you like this band you definetly should listen to Tears of Anger. That is the band from the RTS vocalist Björn jansson and it sounds like ride the sky.
  • Avatar for Lvondas
    This was such a professional sounding band.
  • Avatar for Selrisitai
    Well, that's lame! I already like Far Beyond the Stars and New Protection. How can it have ended? Blast it all!
  • Avatar for robert7
    A shame there gone but we still got a great album from them
  • Avatar for GlovesElectric
    I lost this CD in my shed but dug it up when I heard that the band was over. I read on the official forums (back when they were running) that none of the band members other than Uli had even heard the song 'Ride The Sky'! He presented it to them as an idea and they took it on board not knowing of its origin. That to me is a fucking insult to power metal.
  • Avatar for Blitz1982
    It´s Over!!!, Uli only want money, not a real band, this is the motive to do only projects
  • Avatar for Vggamegod
    this was a great project-band, i wouldn't call it a real band though most of what uli kusch does is project bands :p i'm glad masterplan decided to move on without him though!
  • Avatar for caiexrox
    great band
  • Avatar for carlos_galvan
  • Avatar for robert7
    This band was quality
  • Avatar for Lionheartattack
    Average as hell. And where are Uli's trademark complex intro drumming seen in songs like Sole Survivor, Where the Rain Grows, Revelations, Sail On and Masterplan?
  • Avatar for Sharkalien
    Yes they were really promising. It was a great band..and I am glad that it WAS! And live they are supeeer!
  • Avatar for RaphaKiske
    Finished :(
  • Avatar for hurricane_mario
    I really like this band.
  • Avatar for hurricane_mario
    Pretty nice
  • Avatar for Mephisto_NL
    I heard one song from the Nuclear Blast album. I also saw them live with Sonata playing this. I think they aren't really good live. I didn't really like them, but the studio version is nice!
  • Avatar for Metalfannl
    Good band, but not that much interaction with the crowd when they're playing live. Saw them during their tour with Epica and Sonata Arctica. Good band, but not the best that night :P Though there was a moshpit during RTS, but that's cause it was in the crazy Netherlands \m/ :P
  • Avatar for RaphaKiske
    They're great.
  • Avatar for Lionheartattack
    Uli seems to be missing his fabulous drum sequences that can be heard in Helloween songs Sole Survivor, Where the Rain Grows and Revelation for example and in a Masterplan song Masterplan.
  • Avatar for BrightDeath18
    I'm calling, screaming, feels like i'm suffocating! Brill!
  • Avatar for Mnemicz
    Frontman = Jørn Lande! They sound really similar.. Actually, he's like a mix between Lande and Oliver Hartmann.
  • Avatar for neillydun
    I am liking A Crack in the Wall quite a bit.
  • Avatar for Eaglegamer
    what's with the frontman wearing a white blouse and sunglasses
  • Avatar for Thorens
    They were very nice live with Sonata. Apart from the guitarist who had to wank a very useless solo in every song.
  • Avatar for robert7
    There alot older than they look, great band still
  • Avatar for Kedavra
    They were not that bad. Actually, much better than other bands I've seen opening a concert. The drummer is good, the guitarist is great stage presence... Had fun while they played New protection. I was a bit disappointed by the singer, though. It was like he couldn't sing over the music.
  • Avatar for Waterfee
    See them at the Sonata concert :D
  • Avatar for Diddy91
    Good stuff...
  • Avatar for Shikamaru-sama
    Saw these on Monday and had no idea who they were. A lot of bands fall flat on their face live because of the lead singers vocals but these didnt. The singer was awesome as was the rest of the band. I actually enjoyed these more than Epica. People saying they were dissapointing should realise how hard it is to be the band noone gives a toss about, noone knew who they were or knew their songs but
  • Avatar for -Zelgadis-
    Their only album is incredibly good. Looking forward to see them with Sonata
  • Avatar for Kedavra
    I'm going to see them live supporting Sonata Arctica as well. Are they that disappointing? I'm going to find out. For the moment being, I like their music even though I'm not crazy about it.
  • Avatar for Starchild89
    I agree, not very good live...
  • Avatar for svinx
    they should get more attention they're one of my favorite babds
  • Avatar for Jimroc
    Very disappointing live, was expecting more from these guys.
  • Avatar for caiexrox
    break the chain is a bonus track?
  • Avatar for Chimpz
    How can someone who likes power metal find this boring...
  • Avatar for Starchild89
    Everything but boring! Really looking forward to their support appearance with Sonata Arctica.
  • Avatar for BlackRoija
  • Avatar for caiexrox
    awesome band
  • Avatar for Lvsitanian1143
    I realy want to see them here in Portugal, lol.
  • Avatar for Lvsitanian1143
    Great band, Realy a GREAT BAND! \m/


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