• O que eu vi do Lollapalooza Brasil 2013

    6 Apr 2013, 21:24 by pequenanotavel

    E OK, lá vem a famigerada review do Lollapalooza Brasil 2013. Só que não é uma review, na verdade. Como não tenho nem de longe o dom de ser capaz de escrever uma review decente, é algo bem mais como 'O que eu vi do Lolla e consigo relatar'. E bem do meu jeito, é longo.

    O resumo, para quem não tem vontade de ler tudo: Organização terrível. Shows ótimos, mas atrapalhados pela estrutura ruim. Vi mais de uma banda irritada com os equipamentos. O som do palco eletrônico muitas vezes se misturava ao do palco Butantã. Muito desrespeito aos frequentadores, muitos funcionários despreparados para lidar com a multidão. No último dia, na minha frente negaram água aos frequentadores. ÁGUA. Essas pessoas pagaram caro para estar lá e não tinham direito nem mesmo ao mínimo de dignidade. Sobre a lama, grande reclamação dos frequentadores: lama é OK, desde que não esteja misturada com esterco, o que foi o caso nesse festival. E alguns espaços estavam absurdamente escuros…
  • Famous Dead Musicians/Artists and Causes of Death (Pt 1, Age 16-36)

    23 Jul 2011, 23:56 by thomas10

    This is an article in which I tried to bundle all the great losses of rock'n roll and modern music. That means all the musicians which are worldwide known and died at young age (before 51 years old). I tried to give a little information about the way they died. Most of the information I got from Wikipedia. When someone thinks I forgot an artist or that the information is incorrect... I'm open for new information.

    The list is in order of age of dying

    For the artists older than 36 I'll recommend you Pt 2;

    Ritchie Valens (1941-1959)
    Plane crash. After a winning cointoss and despite of his fear to fly, together with Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper, he flew out of the Mason City airport in a small plane that Holly had chartered. The plane flew into a blinding snowstorm and crashed shortly after takeoff. This is known as "The Day The Music Died".
  • Vietnam, Fishing Trips, Italian Opera, Cold War Kids and Rock’n Coke

    23 Jul 2009, 14:42 by champersnova

    So controversies come and controversies go; with a year delay Rock’n Coke has revisited the town through the arguments, agreements, pumpings, disagreements. As usual… But that’s another story. I’d just like to say what I say on a brief keen set group of paragraphs with no touch to an affair. I will leave that to others. Plus it is fun to read people dissolving giving a mouthful to the breakdowns of now 6 years old organization. Even funnier if you agree with the riots! teehee

    So where was I… Monday, 19th July 2009. Killing hot and a long way to take untill the festival area which is known as F1 Istanbul Park. Yes, that F1 where racecars gun it up to the very loudest bit. Crossing the sea from European side to Anatolia and then taking the bus that is filled up with sticky people. Well, air conditioners can’t accomplish their missions if you fill the bus to triple capacity. Oh yeah, I said I was not gonna moan, right? Go on then… Busses, shuttles and bottles of water later; there we were eventually. …
  • the 2008-02-07 Roundtable Round-up

    7 Feb 2008, 20:25 by GregKNicholson

    This week's Roundtable featured panellists David Quantick, Daniel Miller (boss of Mute Records) and Martina Topley-Bird.

    Judging by Get Over It (played on the programme), Kriss Kross (which you can download at the moment from Polydor's website), Big Dog and Standing On The Last Star (both of which have been floating around on YouTube for a while); Guillemots' second album—Red (more on which at Drowned in Sound)—is rather more poptastic than Through The Windowpane. There's a lot of gospel and R&B-pop type influences, and it's seemingly more in the vein of Trains to Brazil and Annie, Let's Not Wait than Little Bear and We're Here. Topley-Bird's right—this gallops.

    The Bears Are Coming by Late of the Pier sounds like an electro-indie band doing an impression of Timbaland. It's energetic and has lots of “squiggly noises” (Lammo's words). It seems a little bit forcibly quirky, as if they're trying too hard to put as many weird noises as possible in there, but it's still fun.