“Coyote And Mule” full album is available now at...

14 Jun 2012 | from

“Coyote And Mule” full album is available now at

If you bought the album before from the Circle Into Square website then you can just log in and download the album again with the extra tracks no charge. If you have any problems please send me an email at

The reason we kept these “extra” tracks off of the initial release harkens back to my original concept for this albums which was to make it feel like a real mix tape. So Circle into Square and I tried to make that happen by putting out the Red and Blue limited edition cassettes and putting different songs on each tape. Originally I thought it would be cool to make the tapes myself with different track list and songs on each tape but thy would take forever.

Now all the tracks that were available exclusively on the cassettes have been added to the main album on the Circle into Square website. Thanks to everyone who bought the cassettes, I hope you got a nice analog experience from them. And everyone else I hope you enjoy the extra songs!



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