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  • Avatar for brisanca
  • Avatar for Cali4nia83
    Officer Ricky knows how to pick beats
  • Avatar for AlissonNas182
    Dope Dick é o som.
  • Avatar for scarletflower-
    Mariah. <3
  • Avatar for KingNoCrown
    Black Opium >>>>>>>
  • Avatar for Bradrb17
    I think Black Market is my favourite Ross album. The production is spot on.
  • Avatar for bobby222
    Black Market's got the most elegant production of 2015
  • Avatar for DaKing23
  • Avatar for Mr_Night_one
    в декабре выходит Black Market! Ждем возвращения БОССа!!1
  • Avatar for tropicalhaze
    foreclosures pure fiaaah
  • Avatar for True3Blue
    Bill Gates & Dead Rappers. WOO!
  • Avatar for CameRON816To415
    I fw Black Dollar and I usually hate Officer Ricky's music.
  • Avatar for americangenius
    Brutally boring. He's been on a starkly downhill slide since Teflon Don.
  • Avatar for patrickxaaron
    Black Dollar >>>>>>>>>>
  • Avatar for ThreeStaks
    Black Dollar is fuckin' fire. Nice job.
  • Avatar for kozikdedon
    Feeling nice
  • Avatar for deadly_shadow
    @ploveskicks: thanks a lot!
  • Avatar for ploveskicks
    @deadly_shadow: G-Eazy - I Mean It remix (feat. Rick Ross & Remo)
  • Avatar for deadly_shadow hey rick ross fans, what's the name of the song in the background?
  • Avatar for ScarEwandro
  • Avatar for moaboas
    There's no pears in prison.
  • Avatar for oskarchucky
  • Avatar for fockdapoliec
    @fretstrep lmao
  • Avatar for UndergroundX
  • Avatar for idkgaga
    vem remix de ice princess
  • Avatar for fretstrep
    i wonder if he's able to lactate
  • Avatar for xk0fe
    studio g
  • Avatar for Garcian
    if money is power then i got millions of power nigga
  • Avatar for TonemixxMafia
  • Avatar for S_Charlie
    They say I’m gettin’ money / Must be illuminati / Talking to the Holy Ghost / In my Bugatti
  • Avatar for FCA19795
    I could care less if he is a fake gangster, most artist portray a fake personae. What annoys me is that all of his music sounds the same. All he talks about is money, cars, and other luxuries. But the worst thing is that he needs to take off his shirt all the time. No one wants to see that.
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  • Avatar for GhostHaunted
    Если бы тот чувак из Death Grips много жрал, он бы был копией Росса.
  • Avatar for sOuller
    this fat ass need to stop taking quantity over quality. last album was just insane trash
  • Avatar for Cailizz
    KeatonXZX what people want to point out is that he is no hardcore gangster, no hardcore cocaine dealer that he pretends to be like and the fact that he used to work as a correctional officer proves it even more. Hell, even the real Rick Ross have been saying that this Rick Ross is just a clown living of his name.
  • Avatar for KeatonXZX
    you guys are the fools. yeah rozay was a correctional officer 20 years ago. he grew up in a shitty neighborhood and worked to get where he is. plus he made amends with the guy he named himself after. look into it before you dismiss it, clowns
  • Avatar for gholocaust
    Boss в очередной раз, выпуском альбома "Hood Billionaire", доказал, что сейчас он лучший в индустрии хип-хопа[2]
  • Avatar for kmfdm4
    No respect for this pathetic, fake studio gangster. People who like him are seriously brianwashed. Get a grip fools!
  • Avatar for panSmith
    No respect for this pathetic, fake studio gangster. People who like him are seriously brianwashed. Get a grip fools!
  • Avatar for Andacht
    @ antishape: Eine der grauenhaftesten "Rezensionen", die ich je gelesen habe, und eines der jaemmerlichsten Beispiele dafuer, dass im Internet heutzutage jeder Dulli seine Schmierfinkerei irgendwo reinrotzen kann und sich fuer einen Schriftsteller oder Journalisten haelt. Ich hoffe, du laesst das mit dem Schreiben sein und gehst lieber schreinern.
  • Avatar for sOuller
    ross can deliver on some dope beats, that he was choosing all the time before, now he choosing shit 90%
  • Avatar for sOuller
    album is trash pretty much, same as expected
  • Avatar for antishape
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  • Avatar for alefspfc
    Burn is fire literally
  • Avatar for millyman77
  • Avatar for MattCallager
  • Avatar for Andacht
  • Avatar for CircusRock
    Family Ties on repeat🎵🎵🎵
  • Avatar for Aristoxenous
    new shit go in!


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