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  • Avatar for pinnegialle
    You Can't Go Back If There's Nothing To Go Back To, a review:
  • Avatar for rOOm-on-fire
    Une belle découverte en ce début d'année!
  • Avatar for ritakowski
    where can i get the motel life movie?
  • Avatar for theplasticpals
    Hey Willy! Good to see you at Debaser in Stockhol in November... All best!
  • Avatar for ThisManWhisky
    How am I only discovering this band now? Stupid me.
  • Avatar for danieljparsons
    Just discovered them. Love.
  • Avatar for fastlane01
    New album sounds great
  • Avatar for RagingRED
    Underground hip hop?
  • Avatar for scott_sea
    And Australia? Please let it be so.
  • Avatar for SverreBie
    New album "The High Country" to be released in September with subsequent tours in Europe and USA.
  • Avatar for burning-flag
  • Avatar for RagingRED
    Already want a new album!
  • Avatar for PullDownPants
    I've only just started to listen to these guys but I'm really liking them so far. Only got there latest album so far. Favorite song without a doubt is The Boyfriends.
  • Avatar for helmespc
    Wow, this is good.... surprised I've never heard these guys before...
  • Avatar for Redeyexpress
    Right on! I got on to George Clinton and gang because of my soul bros., pack in the early 70s. Blind Willie taught me the 8 ball shot! Although, those guys would look at me kind of funny when I would play a little Merle Haggard. So I think I know where your coming from...Ah, memories! I just wish my short term was a bit better! - Happy Trails
  • Avatar for scott_sea
    No Perth, Australia shows? That blows chunks!
  • Avatar for likeahurricane1
    They played a great show in Utrecht. For some vids see:
  • Avatar for MetalSabe
    Good stuff, like the newest album a lot.
  • Avatar for SpazyB
    You are champions.
  • Avatar for PaulyB52
    Not that I'm obsessed or anything, but I've seen them live 6 times and have every album, even including Whiskey, Painkillers etc. and don't understand why they are so undiscovered. But then again maybe I'm a bit smug cos I have! As I keep telling them at gigs, they should get a slot on Jools Hollands 'Later' show on the BBC.
  • Avatar for Kacun
    Great show yesterday in Zagreb!!
  • Avatar for mau_1999
    One of the best albums 2009
  • Avatar for mho7276501
    excellent new album, so many great tracks!!
  • Avatar for listentoSCQ
    Richmond Fontaine's new album is fantastic. Album review can be read here, for those interested:
  • Avatar for RagingRED
  • Avatar for neonbedlite
    Can anyone shed any light on why Capsized is the most listened to track? Is it on a comp or a soundtrack or something?
  • Avatar for The_Cole_Train
    New album is brilliant.
  • Avatar for mightywhite
    loving the new album, and they are coming to my home town in oct yes!!
  • Avatar for TomStillBelieve
    Just confirmed Willy is playing at our club night on Friday. We're super excited, can't wait! If anyone is around Brixton and at a loose end, it's going to be a great night!
  • Avatar for dustcakeboy
    Free legal download of the new single here:
  • Avatar for DeadManSaloon
    New album! We Used To Think The Freeway Sounded Like A River, August 17th!
  • Avatar for mephisto_dark
    Just posted a podcast featuring Richmond Fontaine. Have a listen:
  • Avatar for farrasiname
    debe ser el agua que beben en Portland. Que los hace así.
  • Avatar for oneyedcat
    They're great live. Vlautin relaxes at the end and chats away! His books are great. They make me happy even though the songs are so dark.
  • Avatar for alexisvos indie style from Holland
  • Avatar for neonbedlite
  • Avatar for Eddie_AR
    It's just Goooooood
  • Avatar for trackaghost
    Such an underrated band!
  • Avatar for scott_sea
    I only just heard of Richmond Fontaine this week (due to a friends recommendation) and they are awesome. I've got some catching up to do.
  • Avatar for ENDIF_
    RF really has a handle on the disappearing reality of the forgotten places and people of the Sierras. Any time I got homesick for Reno, I could just fire up one of their tracks and feel like I was bicycling down Fourth Street. Barely losin', ~!J!
  • Avatar for mephisto_dark
    Podcast featuring Richmond Fontaine:
  • Avatar for The_Cole_Train
    Surely one of the most underlistened, underrated bands on and music in general. It's genuinely sad that so few people know about this great band. They're awesome live too, saw them at the Cluny in Newcastle when they toured Thirteen Cities a little while back. It's difficult but I'm going to go with WInnemucca for their best album.
  • Avatar for tentatt
    this is the best alt country band of all time, no contest.
  • Avatar for Pink-India
    I just read Vlauntin's book The Motel Life. It was really good. He's a cool writer.
  • Avatar for josht45lp
    Hey, just wanted to let folks know Richmond Fontaine will be opening for The Jerry Joseph Band on Dec. 30th at the Mt. Tabor theater in beautiful Portland, OR.. You can get details and tickets at Hope to see some fellow RF fans there!
  • Avatar for ewanhale
    Personally I much prefer Post To Wire, although Thirteen Cities and Winnemucca are both superb.
  • Avatar for this_boy
    The Fitzgerald was my favourite album of 2005. Excellent band!
  • Avatar for bpfastball
    Hey guys, I started a Richmond Fontaine because, well, it seemed like they deserved one. Nothing on there yet, it doesn't entitle you to anything, but I'm the only member so far so anybody signing up would help me feel like much less of a geek. You can get there via my homepage.
  • Avatar for nathanroberts1
    My discovery of the Green Man festival: wonderful.
  • Avatar for bpfastball
    Richmond Fontaine are the best kept secret in American music today. My favorite band right now, by a longshot.


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