• Song Of The Day - 16th November 2008: Contusion

    16 Nov 2008, 21:04 by GrantRS

    Stevie Wonder / "Contusion" / Songs in the Key of Life (4) / Sep 1976

    Artist: Stevie Wonder
    Original Album: Songs in the Key of Life
    Track: Contusion

    I didn't know Little Stevie Wonder did instrumentals until recently. I'd noticed a couple of tracks (no less than 4!) he composed cropping up as covers in my ever expanding library, but I'd assumed they were all vocal tracks that had been re-arranged into instrumentals. The other day I devided to investigate and see just how much the originals differ, I only managed to track down three but this one was a huge surprise. It hardly differs at all from the version on Tilt (a collaboration between guitarists Richie Kotzen (ex-Poison, ex-Mr. Big) and Greg Howe (tour guitarist for Michael Jackson, Justin Timberlake, Enrique Iglesias and others)). [see: Richie Kotzen & Greg Howe] To be honest, Stevie's original version (lead guitar by Mike Sembello) is probably the better version. …