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  • Avatar for jdotperiod
    They really should've released an album. :(
  • Avatar for tik-toks
    Damn, I only just found out they split 2 years ago. Shame. They sounded promising.
  • Avatar for pjayyp
    Yass [artist]Sevyn Streeter[/artist] wish they were still a unit but...
  • Avatar for Sillyneilly05
    I wish someone would just group all there tracks together and make an album out of it lol
  • Avatar for TheBrandyBoy
    Back To The Club ♥
  • Avatar for tik-toks
    He Ain't Wit Me Now is awesome, Tho... they need some new tracks now I think :)
  • Avatar for TheBrandyBoy
    Top Listener
  • Avatar for DiogoDumke
    Blowin Up In Phones, Treasures and Addicted s2
    Blowin Up Phones <3
  • Avatar for Sonicjeb
    The CDQ version of Itty Bitty Leaked, I can die happy now! <3
  • Avatar for Sonicjeb
    Ya'll need to listen to "Can't Shake (feat. Ester Dean)" - Brave's bars are simply the business.
  • Avatar for Rockstarr93
    I really hate they broke up...
  • Avatar for Sonicjeb
    Foolish!!! <3 I ain't too cute to act a fool tonight!
  • Avatar for pjayyp
    [artist]Lyndriette[/artist] from the group has a new single 'Addicted'
  • Avatar for chriss3008
    Ohh, so sad! I really like RichGirl =[
  • Avatar for emiyukimo
    he aint me now
  • Avatar for chriss3008
    Lyndriette from RichGirl joins new Pussycat Dolls line-up… ~> This mean that RichGiorl is Over?
  • Avatar for RUDEB0YY
    just found out....
  • Avatar for josh_jenks
    Just heard they broke up. :-(
  • Avatar for manoel_carneiro
    Treasures <3
  • Avatar for PsylockeSpears
    Seven is still in the band?right?
  • Avatar for thamibreezy
    Seven ♥
  • Avatar for chriss3008
  • Avatar for SymphonyAngel
    omg does anybody have a HQ version of 'honeycomb' or "itty bitty"???? i'm desperate for it. please email me: thanks
  • Avatar for human-nature
    Blowin Up Phones (Feat. Ke$ha)♥[3]
  • Avatar for TheJonatas
    Blowin Up Phones (Feat. Ke$ha)♥[2]
  • Avatar for yelow
    Roc <3
  • Avatar for YungLaw
    Blowin Up Phones (Feat. Ke$ha)
  • Avatar for Datboyayjay
  • Avatar for Fergaliciousps
    Honeycomb <3
  • Avatar for Karisha5
    Lyndriette <3 [2]
  • Avatar for renattorocha
    Lyndriette <3
  • Avatar for msXblack
    New Group ^_^
  • Avatar for DECYMY
    By the way, where the f**k is Chris Brown in this song? He doesn't deserve any vocal credits. Like Justin in Madonna's "Across The Sky"...
  • Avatar for ChrisBrownFAME
    For You( feat. Chris Brown ) ♥
  • Avatar for DECYMY
    'FOR YOU' rocks!
  • Avatar for Sonicjeb
    Seven's Background Vocals on Chris Brown's "She Ain't You" are flawless.
  • Avatar for DannVieiira
    Lucky You Are ♥
  • Avatar for HectorOmarRoman
    Grenade <3 [2]
  • Avatar for Blitzsims
    no hands♥
  • Avatar for kingclassic
    fell in love with the mixtape ♥
  • Avatar for simplytrice
    @CRiiSs7 yes it's a cover from the song by beyonce.
  • Avatar for jj85585
    YAYA!!!! a release gotta cop that mixtape
  • Avatar for bianolvto
    Grenade <3
  • Avatar for BenBossy
    No Hands <3
  • Avatar for CRiiSs7
    Roc is from Beyonce no?
  • Avatar for HectorOmarRoman
    All Of The Lights :D
  • Avatar for krystolejanay
    #TeamRichgirl JOIN --->
  • Avatar for FlyTjSoSweet
    can't wait to get the mixtape, it comes out v-day 2/14
  • Avatar for tuarpreply
    Awww…..Tiffany Evans is growing up to be quite the R & B Star, she signed to Music World Entertainment and has evolved into a Mature R & B diva! I’m stuck on her 1st single entitled "I'll Be There” it’s a beautiful song!!


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