• "We participate in a tragedy; at a comedy we only look"

    28 Sep 2011, 19:25 by Foz71

    Mon 26 Sep – Josh T. Pearson, Richard Warren

    This was not a gig I was planning on going to see until last weekend (already having a ticket for Josh’s upcoming Manchester show in November), when a friend pointed out that Josh was to be once more supported by Richard Warren it was too good an opportunity to pass up.

    The impressively CV’ed artist (as documented by JTP himself, introducing his support act) wasn’t so much bathed in red light as liberally pelted in it, the overdriven cardinal illumination matching the mood emanating from Richard’s heavily-reverbed guitars (both acoustic and electric) delivering a set that was fascinating to both listen to and watch, as at several points during his performance, he looked as though he and his guitar were locked in a fight for supremacy. It was a fight well-pitched though, bringing the best out of both of them as the songs (presumably mostly taken from his upcoming Wayfarer album) came out noisy, beautifully played and utterly eerie…
  • Josh T Pearson, Richard Warren - Manchester Deaf Institute 27/03/2011

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    Sun 27 Mar – Josh T. Pearson
    It’s been a few years since I last saw Josh T Pearson on stage, and I must confess that I don’t recall a huge amount of his set, squeezed inbetween the moody and occasionally shouty Tenebrous Liar and the evening’s headliners the Soulsavers. What I do recall is a set where nobody was entirely sure what was going on with this guy on stage, applying a soft but strongly passionate (and slightly intimidating) voice on top of a long and wandering guitar accompaniment to songs that seemed to begin and end on a whim. And in the midst of this was a haunting rendition of Joy Division’s Love Will Tear Us Apart preceded with something akin to a polite and warmly-accepted apology for attempting such a song in Manchester, as if any of us had any geographical right to intervene.

    Blimey – turns out I remembered more than I thought. Anyway, that was 2007. Now, he has his own headlining tour on the back of his startling debut album Last Of The Country Gentlemen (reviewed herein)…
  • NME Radio Playlist - 28th May 2010

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  • Back in the Terrace.

    12 Apr 2010, 14:52 by lukeaustin1972

    Huw Costins’ as yet un-named band have started recording their debut album over the last couple of weeks. The band evolved from the ashes of The Cold Light Of Day, originally put together by Richard Warren (AKA Echoboy), with the purpose of backing Soulsavers. When Warren quit the band Ming took over the bass and Costin moved to acoustic guitar. The band also features Lee Horsley on Hammond, organ, and piano, Jim Widdop on pedal steel and dobro, and Jeffrey Davenport on drums.Written by Huw and currently being recorded at his own Random Studios, built into a terraced house on the industrial estate to the south of Nottingham City, some of the albums’ tentative titles are ‘Crushed’, ‘Come Down Here’, ‘Birds’, ‘Self-Medication’, ‘Treasure’, ‘Sunshine Gone’, & ‘Ricochets’. Costin says: “My songs have been written always as an emotional reaction – to the ending of relationships, to the drudgery of work, to our complicity in war, and in particular to the fragility of life. …