• Recommendations: January 2006

    16 Jan 2006, 18:47 by Eruanna

    Bands and artists I have recently discovered and recommend:

    Bruce Birch
    Bruce sings kid songs. His music is a tad juivinile, but with catchy tunes and a great voice.
    Its the kind of little kids CD that you can safely give your little sibling, because you know that you WONT want to smack them for even daring to suggest putting it on after two times of playing it. All ages can enjoy it.

    Jupiter Sunrise
    Rock? Ish? Great vocals, and some really neat lyrical concepts. Its different, not something that can honestly be put into a genre.

    Rock music thats real easy to sing along to. The music is catchy and addictive. Theres not really much else to say about it, but thats its good.

    Rock? I dont know. I dont generaly place things into genres, but this music is awsome. Probably my favourite band thus far. I quite enjoy them. They have some amazingly uplifting lyrics and a great sound thats pretty hard to beat.