• My Top Albums (Last 3 Months)

    3 Feb 2010, 22:34 by rattlebag

  • Lager, Ale and Music--Yea! Long Plane Flights--Nay!/Mix

    16 May 2006, 01:57 by tomauto

    So I'm heading off to the UK on vacation in a few days, never been, can't wait. I'm even gonna be able to see Broken Social Scene while I'm in London. I've been compiling all the mixes I've made over the last few months for that horribly long flight. Usually I make random mixes with no theme based on the songs that come up when I play Itunes. When I hear a song I like I put it into a "working mix" folder until I get about 30 or so and then I try to get a good mix out of it. Every so often I get a decent one and I think this one works out fairly well, good flow lots of variance between loud, soft, etc, although mostly it's pretty mellow, especially towards the end. In an extremely boring move, I've been playing the songs in my library in alpha order for the last few months, which is why most of these tracks are D-F.

    Built to Spill--Goin' Against Your Mind
    Mogwai--Dial: Revenge
    Beck--Dead Melodies
    Leonard Cohen--The Partisan
    Andrew Bird--Fake Palindromes
    Richard Davies--Days To Remember
  • Band Name Issues: Gandalf and Cardinal

    22 Apr 2006, 00:50 by bboes

    1. Gandalf
    Gandalf was a band from the 1960s. They had one majestic album called (what else?) Gandalf. Yeah, I know...but the music itself has nothing to do with wizards or even virgin sacrifice (see Comus). In fact, the band did mostly Tim Hardin covers. But the music was more in step with baroque pop styles mined by The Left Banke or The Zombies. I dig this kind of vibe. Unsurprisingly, there seems to be at least two other bands named Gandalf. One appears to be some new age nut who goes by that name, and the other a metal band.

    2. Cardinal
    Cardinal was a great band comprised of Richard Davies and Eric Matthews. Davies had also been in another weird Aussie/New Zealand band called The Moles, that I like a lot. The Moles kind of paved the way for the unique and clever chamber pop gems punched out by Cardinal. Uninterstingly, there also seems to be metal band also called Cardinal.

    We'll never see another new album from the 60's Gandalf, and--presumably--we'll not see another Cardinal album. …