• Week in Review 4/9-4/16

    17 Apr 2006, 23:21 by ZJP

    Installment number four. What happened?~!?~!?

    **As always, anyone that reads this is encouraged to comment on my tastes!**

    1. Jim Gaffigan
    16 Plays (Up 14 Positions, 14 Plays)
    Well, I decided to listen to
    Doing My Time all the way through once this week, and was very happy afterwards. I knew this would skew the charts this week.

    2. 311
    10 Plays (Up 3 Positions, 5 Plays)
    A varied week for my #1 band, 2 plays for There's Always An Excuse, but 8 different songs got 1 play, too.

    T3. R. Kelly
    I still love Trapped in the Closet.. I don't give an ish what anyone says about it.

    T3. Richard Cheese
    7 Plays (Up 2 Positions, 4 Plays)
    I really listened to some RC I haven't given good chances to this week, like You Oughta Know.

    T3. Bloodhound Gang
    7 Plays (Down 2 Positions, 2 Plays)
    Eh, they're carving their way into my "favorite bands" list, along with 311 and CKY

    6. CKY
    6 Plays (Up 1 Position, 3 Plays)