• Richard Thompson, Royal Festival Hall, 24 May 2008

    Mai 26 2008, 17h03 por Thelonious9

    Sat 24 May – Richard Thompson, Mary Gauthier

    Well worth arriving early to catch Mary Gauthier. She started with I Drink, which was the only one of her songs I knew. It’s one of those country songs about alcoholic families that feels like it ought to have a verse about the dog getting run over and the house burning down. Fortunately, Mary Gauthier turns out to be a friendly spirit and a great songwriter so that rather than wallowing in the sloughs of despair she picks the audience up and takes us with her to somewhere brighter. Highlight of the set was Last Of The Hobo Kings, a great song in the Woody Guthrie tradition.

    On to Richard Thompson. This was the first time I’d seen him in twenty years (where the hell had I been?). I admit to feeling a twinge of disappointment when he came on armed only with a single acoustic guitar. “That’s going to limit his set for the evening”, I thought. No such worries – he ranges over more styles in a single gig with just one guitar than most players achieve in a lifetime. …