• Strange Goings On

    26 Sep 2006, 11:21 by audiogumshoe

    I had a few issues with the software recently. It was not picking up my listening in Windows Media Player... I use that for all of my "quick" listening. So therefore it didn't really track anything about my listening habits lately (and I listened to a lot of great stuff!).

    Also... I've been running my Shoutcast stream in Winamp and that WAS picked up. So my listening habits show that I have listened to MYSELF (Rich Palmer) for the last several days over and over! HAHA!

    I've been running a solo performance that I did on Second Life as part of my shoutcast stream. Some people were unable to attend it in the Second Life environment, so I made it available to them for a few days. I guess this looks like I have a huge ego and listen only to myself. Sheesh.

    So, I've uninstalled the scrobbler and reinstalled it. Everything appears to be fine now.

    Please ignore my charts for the next few days. It should resolve itself as my regular listening habits are once again tracked.
  • I have a new artist page

    8 Sep 2006, 13:16 by audiogumshoe

    I'm listed now as an artist here at! You can find my artist page at

    My music is extremely appropriate for children through about age 8 or 9, but adults can learn something, too! Check it out when you have the chance.

    Rich Palmer