• Charts of 2009!

    7 Jan 2010, 02:17 by bluejuh

    According to my scrobble counts, here are my top 10 artists, albums and songs for 2009:


    1. They Might Be Giants
    2. Old 97's
    3. Rhett Miller
    4. Eels
    5. Mike Doughty
    6. The Lonely Island
    7. Barenaked Ladies
    8. The Cardigans
    9. Guster
    10. Supergrass
    10. Bis

    It seems unfair to me, somehow, to rank Rhett Miller's solo act apart from Old 97's. In my head at least, they seem to roll-up into one big pile of awesome, so (to be courteous to the other acts) they should be merged into a single line. Fortunately, a tie for 10th evens things out a bit.

    Nothing else really interesting to state here, this is pretty much the same list o' top bands I've had since high school. The only newcomers are Doughty, who I've only really started listening to in the last couple years, and The Lonely Island, who only officially released an album this February.


    1. Incredibad, The Lonely Island
    2. The Instigator, Rhett Miller
    3. It's Not Me, It's You, Lily Allen
    4. The Believer, Rhett Miller
  • Listening Through All of My Albums: #65 - The Believer (Rhett Miller)

    3 Jun 2008, 13:04 by andyfest

    The Believer by Rhett Miller

    Rhett Miller needed a life outside of the Old 97's. He wanted to move beyond writing brilliant alt-country-punk-whatever songs to writing basic, run-of-the-mill pop songs. The Believer is Rhett Miller finally making that happen. Sure, he tried with The Instigator but there were still a few songs that were well written and had a bit of the 97's feel to them. To be fair, Rhett writes a good pop song. I'm just upset he's all but abandoned his rebellious bar-rock roots.

    The Good:
    Help Me Suzanne
    Singular Girl

    The Bad:
    Ain't That Strange (my least favorite Miller song ever)
    I'm With Her

    Everything else is listenable but why would you when you can put on an Old 97's record?
  • Back on the Horse

    20 May 2008, 23:08 by visiblegirl

    The Old 97's have a new album. I am an old fan. We are finding a balance. Heralded as their first record in four years, Blame it on Gravity is more than that-- this is their first new material in longer still, as the last record to come out-- Hit By A Train-- was a compilation.
    I bought it on Friday at the Waterloo making me one of about a billion people crammed into that Austin landmark to catch the in-store set that Old 97's put on for us. This is the third or fourth time I've seen them, as I was growing up in North Texas right around the release of Fight Songs and Too Far To Care which made finding a show with Rhett and the rest of them the easiest thing in the world. This was before Rhett moved to New York, before The Believer (an album I may have mentioned in the distant past): this was in the bourbon and cigarettes years before Murray got a haircut. This was my youth and memories. It was not only the album but the half-hour set that had much to live up to. And vice versa.
  • Rhett Miller 12/19/2007

    2 Jan 2008, 20:23 by Rockstar_Aimz

    Wed 19 Dec – Rhett Miller

    In my 10+ years of being an Old 97's fan, I have never had the opportunity to see the band live, so I jumped at the chance to see Rhett Miller solo on Wednesday, December 19, as part of the Horseshoe Tavern's month-long 60th anniversary party. Even though Miller's last solo album was very underwhelming (2006’s The Believer), I had heard that he and his band put on a great show, so I was really looking forward to this gig.

    When I arrived I was disappointed to see no stage set-up. When they say solo, they mean solo! And, the place was empty! Although there were several local musicians in the audience, including Justin Rutledge. A minute later Jim Cuddy from Blue Rodeo walked in. Who else was going to show up? Freakin' Neil Young?

    When Miller took the stage there were maybe 100 people in the tavern. He immediately dispelled my “solo” fears when he launched into a blistering version of Melt Show, attacking his acoustic guitar and flailing around the stage rock-star style. …
  • A Long Weekend

    31 Jul 2007, 05:51 by visiblegirl

    Been hopping about the state again, and there's one thing long road trips mean: lots and lots of music. As fun as traveling with wireless, jumping from open network to open network as I cruise around the interstate system, can be, I decided against it this time and just stuck with my cd player. This car has one. The last car I drove was a 80s Toyota, with an aftermarket tape deck. Before I found an adaptor, I had listened to No Joke!, Woman as Salvation, and Congratulations I'm Sorry (the only decent tapes I had with me before getting my mixes back from my room-mate) so many times I believe that you will still find the words to the songs engraved in my very soul.
    Anyway. This trip I pulled a bunch of my favorite mixes out, things I did back in '02 or '03, I guess. In addition to those, though, I grabbed The Tain (a record you may have heard me speak of before), which I can listen to endless times in a row. I didn't, though: after the second time through I switched to The Believer. …
  • Best of 2006

    6 Mar 2007, 19:45 by PMaz

    You know, I really am still listening to a lot of stuff from 2006 for the first time, but I still have been meaning to write this, so I will. Here are the top albums that come to mind.

    It's Never Been Like That
    Yours To Keep
    Ben Kweller
    You in Reverse
    Pearl Jam
    The Believer
    The Life Pursuit

    My front runner for 2007 is definitely Never Hear The End Of It
  • MY 2006 END OF YEAR LIST: The Top 15

    1 Jan 2007, 18:48 by heyadamo

    OK, so now you know HOW I tabulate my top 15 lists accurately (see my Dec 31 blog) , here's the countdown of the list proper. Between my part time job and an overall better financial situation, I seemed to have listened to a lot more new stuff this year than in the past few years... by my count I heard forty-eight albums released in 2006. I guess I have to give a thumbs up to my local public libraries, which allowed me access to around a third of them -- so support your local libraries, people! OK, let's count em down...

    15. Beck: The Information

    The first Nigel Godrich-produced Beck album I didn't love from listen one. Maybe it's just me, but the matieral this time sounds more forced, more strained. Maybe considering the subject matter ("Motorcade," "Cellphone's Dead," the title track) that's the point, but it doesn't equal the enjoyment I get when I hear Mutations or my reigning 2002 Album of the Year Sea Change.

    14. The Decemberists: The Crane Wife

  • Music of 2006 (mini reviews and whinging)

    29 Dec 2006, 07:30 by waterbeetle

    Well, I'm in bed with a cold. Again. Stupid immune system. So while I lie here and bemoan my fate and cry out pathetically for sympathy whenever anyone passes my bedroom door, I'll do the typical "best of 2006" things. You can't criticise me for lack of originality, I'm sick, and demand sympathy.

    In chronological(ish) order:

    Please Come Back - (EP) - 24/01/2006

    Oh how I love this EP. Discovered nestled in the second hand shelves, I took this fledgling disc under my wing, took it home, and listened to its merry music all day long. Ok, there's a chance that I'm just rambling deleriously. And I'm sure that word isn't spelled right. Not to worry, I'll push forward.
    Please Come Back features some very wonderful music. Bluesy unrestrained rock type stuff. Singer/songwriter (and I think guitarist, but I can't remember, and am too lazy to find out) George Hunter really puts everything into the vocals, it's hoarse and intense and I just adore it. …
  • The 100 Best Albums of 2006

    3 Dec 2006, 20:14 by breyten