• Music...more music...and things

    29 Jun 2006, 01:55 by Sonara

    Random edit: I'm updating this from the beta...which is pretty nice, if a little...gradient-y.

    It's weird how impatient I was to see overall charts updated and after they finally did, I forgot all about everything and saw my charts this week and was surprised at it. Maybe things aren't fully updated yet, but my top artists seem to have much less tracks than I've listened to. I don't really mind, but it looks weird with Janne Da Arc having over 1200 and then GLAY and whoever the hell else is up there only being in the ~200s. Haha, is my listening really that unbalanced?

    I've barely been online or listening to music lately, and I was surprised to see that JDA is NOT my top artist this week! :O I knew it would be either La'cryma Christi or Machinae Supremacy though, because I love them both so much lately. I highly recommend both bands to anyone, including people who would hate them. I've gotten into this whole ritual of listening to La'cryma Christi every morning when I'm tired and grumpy and getting ready for work…