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  • Avatar for acornshield
    @onlycharles "New Era" with Kotipelto? How is this possible? :o
  • Avatar for onlycharles
    Revolution Renaissance is much better than new band or "metal opera" from Timo Tolkki called AVALON, a lot... The RR first album is killer!!!!! Anybody here already have listened the "New Era" with Timo Kotipelto on the vocals ?
  • Avatar for OceanGypsy666
    We Are Magic!!! \m/
  • Avatar for hurricane_mario
    Why so few plays of "Crossing the Rubicon"? Probably the best RR song with the permanent line-up.
  • Avatar for ikd-sj
    =LAST NIGHT ON EARTH= badass (✿ฺ◕ฺ‿◕ฺ)
  • Avatar for wishmaster_666
    Not bad. I like RR much more than last albums of Stratovarius :)
  • Avatar for mattimek
    + Kyrie Eleison +
  • Avatar for MachineAnimal
    Hate Revolution Renaissance and Symfonia. The only honestly great Stratovarius albums for me are Episode and Visions (and now Nemesis).
  • Avatar for ironvladimir
    Great band!
  • Avatar for adriancamilo527
    exelente banda
  • Avatar for Jewrusalem
    "If you think Revolution Renaissance and Symfonia make good music, go listen to Stratovarius's Visions. NOW." Yeah, I did that. I still think RR and Symfonia kicked ass. But, hey, I'm the same guy who thinks the Strato self-titled destroyed Elements.
  • Avatar for Madrangue
    v That, minus the Elements albums. Those sucked hard.
  • Avatar for Lionheartattack
    And Episode, Destiny, Infinite, both Elements albums, and Dreamspace. Post-Stratovarius Tolkki can't even be compared to those albums.
  • Avatar for Madrangue
    If you think Revolution Renaissance and Symfonia make good music, go listen to Stratovarius's Visions. NOW.
  • Avatar for Slamic4
    Add me if you like Timo Tolkki!
  • Avatar for supertopografo
    los felicito esta manera de oir musica es formidable me gusta lo que he descubierto gracias SUPERTOPO
  • Avatar for metal4life69
    i did it my way is great. think i'll pass on anything else they did
  • Avatar for sombrechemin
    pure shit... too bad cause Tolkki used to be great
  • Avatar for ironmaiden42
    here is review of the last album...
  • Avatar for BuildingAForce
    Angels - great song with a great voice
  • Avatar for Darmer_91
    stupid trolls, the band is caled "Symfonia" [2]
  • Avatar for DenSvyrydenkov
    trolls, the band is caled "Symfonia"
  • Avatar for hurricane_mario
    well that's because Enforceris got the name wrong. It's
  • Avatar for hurricane_mario
    A band called Simphonia already exists! M
  • Avatar for fullhellse
    enforceris has got a point.. but still it's enjoyable
  • Avatar for Enforceris
    Predictions for Simphonia (goddamnit even writing that cheesy name makes me cringe): || 1. Half of song names will make no sense. || 2. Tollki will try to make the singer in album sound like kotipelto. || 3. Lyrics and style in same vein as age of aquarius || 4. Band will be disbanded after first two albums and tolki will create another one. ||
  • Avatar for Davie_UCF
    And hes started ANOTHER band.. but with one of my fave vocalists of all time.. I'm happy and scared.. please Timo make this last.. :| Any bets?
  • Avatar for hurricane_mario
    @ Meat_Wolf (and others) - Dance of the Death Star had no Timo involvement? I thought it was better than most of the album though. It didnt really fit with the album though. But I agree that Timo was the driving force behind Stratovarius. Polaris is an awful album.
  • Avatar for DenSvyrydenkov
    AOA isn't bad. It's just too specific.
  • Avatar for Enforceris
    Into the Future with its folk-ish sound and interesting atmosphere is way more non commercial than crap like so she wears black or ghost of fallen grace. It did not have that annoying "liiiike us, we appeal to everyone" kind of forced commercial sound. It was nice and good song(although it would have sounded better with a better vocalist who had, you know, stronger voice?)
  • Avatar for Elevenofone
    Too many slow-mid tempo songs make this band so incredibly uninteresting. Kinda glad they're disbanded. Oh, and, Enforceris, if you thought "Into the Future" was non-commercial, you have no idea what you're talking about. xD
  • Avatar for Enforceris
    @Meat_Wolf Hmn, ill have disagree then. IMO nothing in this band sounded rightand only track "Into the future" sounded somewhat original, decent and non-commercial, so I thought of giving this band a three album chance of getting good. Sadly this is not happening and they are sinking even. This band is without "The Metal Opera" albums.
  • Avatar for JunglemanchiId
    Average is the only word I can use to describe this band. "We are Heroes in the Night On our Way into the Fight We are Warriors of Light And our Hearts are pure" Thats awful.
  • Avatar for DenSvyrydenkov
    I think that AOA was pretty good too. So TT has created some cool stuff already before Trinity.
  • Avatar for Meat_Wolf
    No, I mean, Trinity is excellent, Timo finally managed to create something very cool after leaving Strato, but not that they can match this level without him. So it's pretty much obvious who was the creatvie force and what they are worth without him.
  • Avatar for Enforceris
    Just heard the sample and I think I agree with you on that. Not much difference from their previous album(s) sadly....
  • Avatar for Meat_Wolf
    Yeah, Dance of a Death Star already showed that without Tolkki this band can create just some below average totally Finnish sounding power metal without any real sense of melody which we had a lot during the past 10 years.
  • Avatar for Enforceris
    Well that is not surprising, Certain stuff in Tirnity album sounded way too good to be created by trollki. (even if the whole album was generally mediocre.) Hopefully without tolki this band will manage to actually improve into somewhat listenable .
  • Avatar for hurricane_mario
    People saying this is a bad singer... I love this vocalist but I agree, he sounds pretty bad on this album. I think it was just lack of time and effort put into recording from a band about to fall apart. Listen to "Adagio - Dominate (2005)" he sounds amazing there.
  • Avatar for Meat_Wolf
    Ok, why did Santtu record the solos AGAIN for Trinity then? Like "maybe this time he'll mention me in the credits"? Come on. This is just one point of view and they don't tell us something.
  • Avatar for Monst77
    Tolkki is just talent man!!!. It is all that I can say about him)
  • Avatar for DenSvyrydenkov
    haha) tolkki is almost devil)
  • Avatar for Sonata89
    Tolkki is just a fat bastard...that's it!!!
  • Avatar for GlovesElectric
    Aha I know, man. I thought about it today, and this would be the second band that Timo has founded who have gone on to continue without him. I wonder who gets the money I spent on Trinity today?
  • Avatar for dirtclaw
    It's an amusing scandal that nobody will ever give a crap about.
  • Avatar for GlovesElectric
    RIP RR. I don't believe it matters who performed the solos on AOA, because they pretty much sucked ass compared to anything from Strato anyway. TT is a better vocalist than the vocalist here, a better composer (obviously) and a far better guitar player. Such a shame, but we can always appreciate the music they made together.
  • Avatar for hurricane_mario
    Is that true the other guy did all the solos??
  • Avatar for hurricane_mario
    Why is I did it my way a one-hit-wonder? It's not even that good. Heroes, We are Magic, Last Night on Earth, So She wears black, into the future... just off the top of my head, are all better
  • Avatar for Sonata89 read the news...I lol'd hard!!!
  • Avatar for Discrowned


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