• my little findings. 08.07.2008.

    8 Jul 2008, 08:05 by xShedx

    In a month, there will be Olympic Games in China :)
    But we're continuing to dig in music...deeper and deeper.
    What we have today...

    1)DevilInside - "Volume One" (2004) & "Prelude" (EP) (2004).

    First time i saw and heard this band was some kinda year or more ago. I saw them on soundtrack to the movie called "The Cave". Need to say that this movie is awful, but soundtrack was cool - Atreyu, KSE, Bleeding Through, Bury Your Dead, It Dies Today, etc. And among others there were Devilinside. That song interested me, but i couldn't find any their music anywhere. And now i've got it. Cool band. They play some kinda non-typical metalcore, with many chaotic elements. Sounds good.

    2) Recon - "Welcome To Viper City" (2008).

    So, at last, this album is released. And i've got it. Don't know, many people says that it's not so cool like their previous EP, that there's left too little former members of this band. Yeah, maybe it's so, but anyway, in my opinion, this album is kickass. …