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  1. Death Metal band from Minsk.

    Eyecoin are:
    Maxim - vox and beard.
    Sergey - guitar and sleeping
    Zak - bass and el cocodrilo
    Vadim - guitar and…

  2. Hate To State is now a defunct crustpunk band from Minsk, Belarus, which is considered by many as ancestors of Minsk diy anarchopunk scene.

  3. A decade of not giving a flying fuck.


  4. hardcore punk band with female vocal from Belarus

    pre - I Know

  5. 'DEVIATION' can refer to one of two bands:
    - Belarusian band formed in Hrodna in August of 1993
    - Polish band formed in Katowice in 2009


  6. Crust-punk/hardcore band from Belarus, Grodno. There are 2 albums "Golos edinits"(Units voice) in 2000-2001 and "Pod kontrolem"(Under control) in…

  7. Sergey Seka - guitar
    Valik Plunk - bas
    Pasha Drum - drums

    web: adresant.net

    2006 - eternity/vechnost' (demo)
    2007 - mini-album…

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