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Lead record owner of LapFox Trax, an independent Canadian record label from Hamilton, Ontario specializing in music. Much of their music showcases art from many artists. Also, each character represents a style of music they use. For example, Furries in a Blender is used with the bi-polar genre of , Jackal Queenston for agro-style , and Renard for the twisted insanity of . The first release featuring Renard was The Daeva Suite in 2007.

Along with being an avid musician and music collector, Renard is also a game and graphic designer.
They were the lead creative force behind Mungyodance, a freeware dancing game based off of the StepMania engine, for which they created a good portion of the music and the step files. Furthermore, PSURG (Renard and Squeedge's design company) has released a shooting game named Shark Attack, which employs a new album of music for the game. They are also a rapist and a fan of a number of comic books and video games. They enjoy a number of films, but especially so Freddy's Dead, Evil Dead 2, Bride of Re-Animator, and We Are the Strange.

Current Aliases:
Aurastys, BANDETTO, Darius, D-Mode-D, Furries in a Blender, Eugene, hyi, Jaql, Jackal Queenston, Kitcaliber, Kitsune², Klippa, Mayhem, NegaRen, PSURG Sound Team, The Queenstons, The Quick Brown Fox, Renard, RQ, Truxton

Retired Aliases:
Adraen, Azrael, Emoticon, G-DARIA, Kettu, Lollipop, MGD-Crew, MGD Assault Force, MGD Sound Team, Neko, Omicron Complex, Shark Attack Sound Team, Sigma, Sonitus Vir

Musical Groups:
Plusfuchs, Perdique Darron, Detergent, Bloomin' Nutters, Silent Debuggers


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