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You can get all of their tracks for free at: www.reklein.org

Reklein came about in 2004 first as a record label. It was formed to bring a group of friends together under one umbrella. Though their styles differed greatly, they all shared a love for electronic music. This never panned out and Reklein went to the wayside until now. 2 of the friends/musicians, Hans Grubb and Andrew Velker, decided to work on a new project and try to fit their 2 styles together. Since this fit so closely with what was trying to be done before, they decided to stick with the same moniker.

Hans Grubb and Andrew Velker had been making music for over 9 years, and worked on projects together off and on (nimbus and have recently been featured on each others works (nurv / andrew velker). Together they bring the best of both worlds. with Hans' ability of abstract arrangements, and detailed drum and glitch programming to Andrew's ambient, moody texture based electronic feel.

As of 2012, Reklein turned solo with Andrew Velker driving the new Reklein sound. New music is in the works and will be release soon.

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