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  • Avatar for revengeofthekiw
    New York! Mikey Post is DJing this weekend in Crown Heights.
  • Avatar for genegir
    АААААААААААААА!!!!!!!!!! Это просто бомба!!!!!! БУМ-БУМ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for JeremyAce4
  • Avatar for enemiemmina
    Come to Italy please !!!!!!
  • Avatar for NoahIsCool
    well what do you know, theyre really good
  • Avatar for theshakeyaches
    Greatest band of all time. The reason I started playing in a trashy rock n' roll band.
  • Avatar for aoslrtm
    'If You Can't Give Me Everything' is awesome !!
  • Avatar for Milkman519
    The best car promotion album of all-time.
  • Avatar for getbentblog
    These talented Memphis/Asheville kings are back with another tasty helping of rock ‘n’ roll with some serious soul. Simple, but strong songwriting, lovelorn and heartbroken, sung in Greg Cartwright’s alluring, heart-on-the-sleeve style is this band’s raison d’être, and Abdication… For Your Love is no exception. Read more:
  • Avatar for proR0CK
    New EP [url=]Abdication...For Your Love[/url] Free Download
  • Avatar for ShuffleItAll
    another new track, new ep on tuesday:
  • Avatar for ShuffleItAll
    new track, sounds great:
  • Avatar for sljwut
    omg so fresh, made my day!
  • Avatar for xdreamx19
    "and we repel, repel, repel each other" \m/
  • Avatar for FoobyDoo
    best fucking band
  • Avatar for Kareem7
    I hate when the people without brains tags everything as indie rock. [2]
  • Avatar for priedits
    I hate when the people without brains tags everything as indie rock.
  • Avatar for PaulFromOz
    This is rad stuff.
  • Avatar for scotthome
    Just heard 'You Got Me Hummin' in a Land Rover commercial...I don't know if I see the fit there, but the song rocks (as always) and no one would deny Mr. Cartwright a little coin.
  • Avatar for ezears
    Love and Curses, great album.
  • Avatar for madsipsen
    This guys are beyond cool!
  • Avatar for spacematador
    I love this sound, the lyrics and everything. I don't have to strain to hear the lyrics, yet they're not insultingly stupid.
  • Avatar for meatierwhore
    "Love is a Funny don't know it's real 'til it's caused you pain..." - genius.
  • Avatar for Skizizzle
    i can't find their new one anywhere
  • Avatar for methanolcereal
    Recently rediscovered Time Bomb High School. I think it's my favorite of their records.
  • Avatar for marcinrr
    Like rockabilly, psychobilly, garage rhythms and simillar tunes? Check out brand new uncomercial off stream music group Cazumbi ( / wisp for more info.
  • Avatar for lizvelrene
    John Darnielle sent me. Glad to be here.
  • Avatar for fiftygallondrum
    I like the new album, it reminds me of Time Bomb High School a bit, but I really miss the balls-to-the-wall sound of Too Much Guitar. "You Got Me Hummin'" is still their best song. dostav: who cares? Look on the bright side, it's Pitchfork writing about a GOOD band... nothing wrong with that. Lots of exposure for TRS!
  • Avatar for ddtony2009
    love and curses......... the best album ever kisses
  • Avatar for dostav
    oh noes. this shoutbox is going to be full of pitchfork kids in the next few weeks.
  • Avatar for Kycklingfoster
    Why haven't I heard of this before? Unbelievably good.
  • Avatar for zappaphile
    best band in the universe. easy.
  • Avatar for ripplemusic
    If you dig rock like this, come check out the From The Garage Group, celebrating all the great music from the worlds garages. We're new and growing. Come join us.
  • Avatar for Kimba72
    El 22 de Mayo van a estar en la Sala Nasa de Santiago (A Coruña) las entradas se pueden comprar en
  • Avatar for DrStrange1
    the best RAWK group ever.
  • Avatar for pandaredski2
    calkiem fajna ta muzyczka, trochę za bardzo wyszlifowane jak na low-fi.
  • Avatar for cryilvie
  • Avatar for decero
    Greg, please, come to Europe, we are waiting too long... Viva Reigning Sound !!
  • Avatar for ripplemusic
    If you dig music like these guys, come check us out at the From the Garage Group, a new group dedicated to rocking music from the world's garages. We're new and growing.
  • Avatar for noretum
    Love is a funny thing....
  • Avatar for maulofsound
    doubtful. this doesn't sound good to my ears.
  • Avatar for ryeriver
    You are wrong wrong wrong maulofsound. Greg Cartwright IS a god.
  • Avatar for maulofsound
    i expected to like this more than i do.
  • Avatar for xnoelle25
    just beautiful
  • Avatar for roxxan23
  • Avatar for llynnowens
    Greg Cartwright is a god.
  • Avatar for plouck22
    the greatest.
  • Avatar for Cropulis
    Not enough listeners. So Great though!
  • Avatar for Noominoomi
    I like tacos
  • Avatar for birdsongs
    man...does anyone have as much pain and passion in their voice as greg cartwright? so friggin' awesome....


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