• Predicting the Future

    6 Dec 2005, 15:25 by Passioneer

    I stole this idea from Helzebel who apparently stole it from Y2Ken. I am going to make predictions on how my top artists list will change over the coming months. This will be for the current top 25 artists (actually 26, as there is a tie for #25). As a forewarning, this will be pretty lengthy, so be prepared. And here we go...

    1. Imogen Heap - 461 plays - Shortly after I discovered Immi, I would play I Megaphone at least once a day. My obsession is not so intense anymore but I don't see her being rooted from the number one spot anytime soon. The only possible threat at the moment is Fiona as I have been playing her much more than usual lately.

    2. Tori Amos - 431 plays - I love Tori to pieces, but I think I've overplayed her albums a bit and need to take a break from her for awhile. The only reason she's so high is because I used to have a ton of live tracks from her on my computer and they would always end up playing when I listened on random. …
  • wtf, last.fm?

    3 Dec 2005, 03:50 by charminglydaft

    ok. this is very strange. I seem to have become a subscriber to this site. but I didn't pay for it! what the hell? I mean, very cool, how?

    [edit: mystery is solved, thanking you all! and thanking you, last.fm!

    anyway. since this is meant to be about music and all, can I just say that this has been a fabulous year for concerts. here's who I've seen:

    February 12, 2005 - Rufus Wainwright, manchester lane, melbourne
    May 17, 2005 - Ben Lee (New Buffallo as support), corner hotel, melbourne
    july 27, 2005 - Interpol (Snowman as support), metro, melbourne
    september 7, 2005 Martha Wainwright (Josh Ritter as support), corner hotel, melbourne
    september 8, 2005 - Cat Empire, bennett's lane jazz club, melbourne
    september 30, 2005 - Maximo Park (Riff Random as support), corner hotel, melbourne
    october 1, 2005 - Maximo Park(Souls On Board as suport), northcote social club, melbourne
    october 29, 2005 - The Whitlams, corner hotel, melbourne
  • 10 out of 400: Rufus Wainwright and OK Go

    6 Nov 2005, 14:35 by FroDish

    Okay, so this one was tuesday at the Beacon theater. Took a bus into NY, as I couldn't get on the train due to the SEPTA strike, then stayed overnight and had super fun getting back on the train. Then my life exploded when I got back because my roommates a bitch and wouldn't let me get to my clothes and stuff and all I wanted in the world was to brush my teeth and shower but I was late for class and couldn't wait for her to vacate the room.

    But the show.

    I was a little late, so me and the Groog walk in to meet Elaine and Jill and OK Go are already on, playing a song I know as we walk in, so I scream out the words in their faces and dance across the aisles, giddy to be back in my state with my friends. I think it was "The Fix Is In", I was crazy about their first album when it first came out. Their set was alright, they sounded good, but I'm not crazy about the new album which I had a bootleg of way before its release. We were also in the back and this four person pop rock band was slightly dwarfed by the large venue. …
  • Rufus Wainwright & Regina Spektor at the Beacon, 11-02-05

    5 Nov 2005, 21:16 by oresteia

    So here is the long-awaited review of the Rufus Wainwright and Regina Spektor show that took place at the Beacon exactly three nights ago. Alright, so maybe it's not long-awaited, but I'm a little bored and this seemed like the easiest way to relieve my boredom.

    After the most amazing meal I've ever had at the Blue Fin, we went uptown in a cab (note: this is important for later, because I didn't know where the Subway was to get home), and got to the theatre about five minutes before Regina started. She came out in a REALLY LOW-CUT purple sweater and a beautiful poofy red skirt, with her hair pulled back into a ponytail. She looked maybe a little nervous, but not too much so. She only had her keyboards, even though Rufus's giant grand piano was right behind her.

    I don't remember exactly what she played, but here's a partial set list (and I'm fairly sure I got everything):

    Ain't No Cover
    Twenty Years of Snow
    Dance Anthem of the 80s
    The Wallet
    Music Box
    Field Below
    Poor Little Rich Boy
  • new obsessions

    18 Oct 2005, 23:20 by trigger_hippie

  • holy jesus

    16 Oct 2005, 07:08 by flip-flops

    regina spektor where have you been all my life. this is orgasmic (Samson)
  • Regina Spektor at NYU, 10-6-05

    15 Oct 2005, 22:20 by oresteia

    I've been meaning to write this review for over a week now, but tests and other homework have kept me from being quite as productive on the Regina front as I would have liked to be. Anyway, here goes nothing.

    I met up with my friend who was attending the concert with me, and after a little bit of a mix-up on when things were actually getting started, we found ourselves smack dab in the second row. Not <i>quite</i> center, but directly in front of Regina's keyboard, which is really the most important thing, isn't it? Yes, I thought so. Anyway, we're waiting for the show to start, and this place is a pretty damn big theatre. NYU's Kimmel Center - where all my tuition money goes, and this is the first time I've seen anything in the theatre. But what are you going to do?

    The opening act was a man by the name of Michael Leviton. He sings love songs with nautical metaphors while playing the ukulele. He may be my new favorite nautical love song singer ever. …
  • the tour journal (to date)

    11 Oct 2005, 04:35 by wootam

    For my amusement only, here's a list of the shows I've been to thus far. Although, I'm pretty sure I'm missing a few.

    (Last Updated: December 2008)

    A Perfect Circle (4) - Aug. 25, 2000, Mar. 13/14/27, 2001
    Tori Amos (4) - Oct. 19, 2001, Nov. 22, 2002, March 13/Aug 13, 2003
    Erykah Badu - May 5, 2008
    Howie Day - Nov. 22, 2002
    Feist - May 12, 2008
    Great Lake Swimmers - May 12, 2008
    Final Fantasy - July 1, 2007
    Jeremy Fisher (2) - Feb. 15, 2005, March 4, 2005
    Ben Folds (2) - Aug. 13, 2003, July 3, 2004
    Sarah Harmer (2) - Sept. 20, 2001, Sept. 20, 2004
    Chantal Kreviazuk - Nov. 17, 2007
    Michael Kaeshammer - July 9, 2005
    Kid Koala - Aug. 3, 2001
    Kiss - Oct. 16, 1996
    Guster - July 3, 2004
    Iron Maiden - Aug. 15, 2000
    Ladytron - July 4, 2008
    Matthew Good Band (3) - Oct. 12, 2002, July 16/19, 2003
    Sarah McLachlan (2) - Nov. 2, 1997, July 5, 1998
    Holly McNarland - Jan. 16, 2004
    Colin Meloy - April 19, 2008
    Danny Michel - Sept. 12, 2002
    Rhett Miller - Mar. 13, 2003
    Nine Inch Nails - Nov. 14, 2008
  • About dredg, Bloc Party, Regina Spektor and Nellie McKay

    27 Sep 2005, 18:44 by medulaespinal

    Today I bought dredg's Catch Without Arms and Bloc Party's Silent Alarm. So I'll be playing them for quite a while this week.

    Also I was planning on buying Regina Spektor's and Nellie McKay's respecitive debut albums. I'd love to get some feedback about both of them. Good or bad?
  • Regina Spektor at Irving Plaza, NYC, 9-15-05

    18 Sep 2005, 02:05 by oresteia

    I should begin by saying that I've never seen Regina Spektor perform before, despite living in New York for three and something years now. No, I wasn't introduced to her considerable and impressive talent until early this summer, and I'm so ridiculously grateful for the fact that I was. I would have been missing out on something incredible if I hadn't.

    So, needless to say, I was pretty excited for this show. We showed up early enough that we could catch DeVotchka. They were rather wonderful as well. I'm not sure exactly how I'd describe their music, other than eclectic and kind of awesome. They have a tuba on stage (a tuba!) with Christmas lights decorating it. Really, does it get any better than that? No, I didn't think so either. Their set was pretty long, but enjoyable. We were up on the balcony at that point, and we could see Regina's mama right across from us. Regina herself came out at one point and hugged her, plus a few other people that were over there. …