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Place Your Hands (3:37)

rock · indie · britpop · 90s


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  • @ Wanderer44 is he really? should support Chelsea! :)
  • Rocks !!!
  • Great singer and a Wolves fan !!!!
  • Because it gets annoying after a while.
  • Why dont they make music like this anymore?
  • This use to be my song!!!!! I mean, I still love this song but back in the day...I wore this song out!
  • Always liked the song, never knew what is was or who it was by. The name and title came up in a 'songs they used to torture people at Guantanamo so I thought I'd check the songs out and bam, this little beauty yes yes yes!
  • Place your hands over your eyes so you don't have to see the inbred infested Norwich City.
  • 'Place your hands' on your ears, so you don't have to hear this junk.
  • Still is my friend!
  • This song was the dogs B"**@$s! back in't 90's!
  • hands .....
  • Put your hands on!!!
  • This is one of those songs, along with "The Rat" by The Walkmen, that used to come on in my old home-town local and the whole place would erupt.
  • "It's Your Letters...!"
  • you cannot hide from what´s inside yes that´s true
  • YES! I use to play this song over and over and over! My mother hated it!
  • Like it,too....
  • British creed?
  • LIKE IT.........I DOOOOOOOOO...........
  • LMAO @ psymun_p....! Class! Great group too, the album Glow is one I still listen to. They should be more popular....
  • this song is about anal sex right?????
  • alright i say!
  • Isle of Wight Festival 2010 → http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ph9NZuYlw5A
  • "R M A O" rocked my ass off!
  • Saw them this weekend at Manchester Academy, Truly brilliant!!!!!
  • anyone who doesn't like the vocals....try Britany Spears...lol
  • OMG! turn up the volume and just ROCK! x x x x x x
  • Conor- Roach@ Who fucking cares about the vocal quality of a song like this. This song is great!
  • Maybe... But LOVE the first minute or two
  • THE VOCALs actually suck
  • I LOL-ED
  • I love the music, but the vocals irritate after a while, shame..
  • getting back together eh! this is great news indeed!
  • Gary Stringer will be live on Total Rock radio www.totalrock.com 9am-12pm Thurs 14th December! x
  • Holy shit, this takes me back a few years!! <3
  • I've got my tickets for the Manchester Academy, Cannot wait, Original line up!!
  • *****
  • :D I got this played in the bar I was at a few weeks ago, along with Breakfast at Tiffanys. <3
  • had forgotten just HOW great....
  • Quality.
  • Pure love. I miss Reef.
  • atleast u are mouthy .. but not sure if that makes the music better ^^
  • I could do with a better voice...
  • Best way to get out of bed. Ever.
  • place your haaaaands on my hooooole. dirty.
  • Top Ten?


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