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  • Avatar for M4TCH3W
    Best album
  • Avatar for tombells86
    I have all of Red's albums & I play this more than the others :)
  • Avatar for doonchlando
    A favorite of mine, for sure.
  • Avatar for pybye
    cover stolen from Godsmack's Faceless album. Great album though.
  • Avatar for Ivyxxo
    Hymn For The Missing is one of my top favorite 5 ballads ever.
  • Avatar for ipwnnoobsah
    Better then the new album
  • Avatar for xHayl
    Has two of my favourite songs: buried beneath and faceless. AMAZING.
  • Avatar for Ivyxxo
  • Avatar for LadyRequiem
    This album is one of my favorite albums of Red. Absolutely wonderful from start to finish. I can't wait for their next album. :D
  • Avatar for Panic_Maniac
    Absolute BEST album of them!
  • Avatar for aaronluis26
    I was wondering if people go do me a favor. I incorrectly tagged [track artist=Red]Hymn for the Missing[/track] as [track artist=Red]Hymns for the Missing[/track]. I added an 's' to hymn for some reason. If possible, could people click on the later and suggest the correct spelling? Thank you.
  • Avatar for polandman666
    Dobra płytka , najlepsza w mojej kolekcji i najczęściej słuchana
  • Avatar for Scream-men
    Без базара один из лучших альбомов уходящего года.Эпично.Круто.Мелодично!
  • Avatar for danpaparoach
    capa semelhante a do "results may very" do limp bizkit. Músicas foda!!!!!
  • Avatar for m0nny
    Let It Burn ❤
  • Avatar for AnneSkank
    This is Satanic and depressing.
  • Avatar for Likannus
  • Avatar for Strudlif
    для тебя он не очень, для меня он шикарен, так что ненадо тут...
  • Avatar for ReadyToListen
    альбом действительно получился не очень, 2 песни из 11 впечатлили, остальные весьма посредственные
  • Avatar for crossou7
    This album ROCKS ^^
  • Avatar for ordo15
    one of the best albums
  • Avatar for lucassoarestjk
  • Avatar for BigBaHo
    AniMonne, Не пезди!
  • Avatar for ORGaniZMniZMo
    сойдет для сельской местности. предыдущие больше по душе
  • Avatar for AniMonne
    Не сказала бы, что сильно впечатлило. Два предыдущих были намного лучше. Они топчутся на месте.
  • Avatar for diegao94
    My favourite album of them.
  • Avatar for pale-dolphin
    Какой металкор, им тут даже не пахнет. Это хороший, добротный рочок с небольшими вкраплениями метал-риффов.
  • Avatar for My_Early_sunset
    Потрясающий альбом! Я в восторге!
  • Avatar for sashylkalapylka
    балденный=)) даж в непонятках какая песня лучше-все необыкновенные,клёвые!!=)))
  • Avatar for popsycho
    Love it!
  • Avatar for Strudlif
    лучший их альбом! Все песни шедевр!)
  • Avatar for Remy_Rose
    Великолепный! !
  • Avatar for detcimus
    not alone hymn for the missing-magnificent
  • Avatar for bryce_jon
    Who We Are - Shweet!
  • Avatar for Sarki2010
    the best of them
  • Avatar for Sarki2010
    the best of them
  • Avatar for appMII-chan
    однозначно крутой альбом
  • Avatar for moentriplets3
  • Avatar for XIIINON
    I don't see what all the fuss is about, they sound just like any other alternative band, especially with their latest more-than-polished but completely plain album. I do see they did a great job and intros are something special, but still... Gotta admit that i like their previous songs much more. Unfortunately/fortunately.
  • Avatar for vallerik
    альбом и вправду неплох!)
  • Avatar for Kenny6-9
    epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! [2]
  • Avatar for chamakhlabestia
  • Avatar for Scream-men
    Отличный альбом!
  • Avatar for suchpower
    Didn't Noise Ratchet already do this album? ;)
  • Avatar for Architect-
    It's a solid album, but I am still more into their previous ones. I especially miss a few sad songs like Pieces or Lost. Hymn for the Missing is okay though.
  • Avatar for miro4444
    All albums are awesome! \m/
  • Avatar for Squeezed-Zit
    i love this band .. ! They are the most famous and i like his perfect voice.. ;)
  • Avatar for d5-bass
    faceless amazing!!!!
  • Avatar for Chromath
    My favorite album! What a fantastic job these guys did.
  • Avatar for PopPunkKidZ
    Great album - wasn't disappointed at all :) so many songs that are my new favorites . Come to Israel !


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