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Red Sleeping Beauty is a Swedish pop band formed in 1991. The band consists of Kristina Borg, Mikael Matsson, Niklas Angergård (of Acid House Kings), and until 1997, bassist Carl-Johan Näsström.

In the summer of 1991, Niklas had his first interaction with Red Sleeping Beauty, then a duo with a 6-track cassette demo as its only proof of existence, when he showed signs of similar taste in t-shirts (Sarah Records) as Kristina at a Swedish pop festival. Hence, after his moving to Stockholm, RSB transformed into a trio, and begun to write more up-tempo and up-feeling songs.

In order to secure proper bass playing and a full live line-up, Carl-Johan joined after the recording of Pop Sounds (interested people can try and hear the extremely low-mixed bass played by Kristina on Christmas). Soon after, the band headed for minor stardom with a series of releases on a variety of labels covering the majority of countries in the world. But with the break-up of the secret indie couple, i.e. Mikael and Kristina, along with the fact that the band had been around for almost a decade, Red Sleeping Beauty decided to do a Björn Borg - ending their career when at the top in 1997.

They decided to reform in 2013, recording a new full length album released in 2016. The first fruits of this reformation was a new single, released on US indie Shelflife in September 2015, called Always. Their full length comeback album Kristina was released on Swedish indie, Labrador in June 2016.

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