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  • I can't believe more last.fm scrobbling people aren't listening to the almost a year old Tug of War album! You are missing so much, they have matured greatly since Dying For A Living.
  • What do you want from me, good Pink Floyd cover.
  • Ничего так, но их песни как-то не цепляют, а игра супер, конечно.
  • Freaking Awesome LIVE! Carolina Rebellion in the rain, kicked it. Red & Black theme, gorgeous, in fine shape, vocals perfect, Unspoken & Ultragiganator to close the set (their two best songs to date.) Please try hard to see them if you can!
  • + Ultragigantor +
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  • I'm loving "Ultragigantor" :D
  • so glad I stumbled upon this great band. cheers.
  • What an awsome unknown band, these guys deserve to do well.
  • ahahah, i was gonna say Cantrell, but it's been said. Glad it's not just me. :) and, yer right, it's NOT a bad thing.
  • The verses in dumb luck sound very much like Jerry Cantrell, and the little prechorus bit sounds a lot like Evvy Pedder from Lollopop Lust Kill... But decent nonetheless!
  • I saw them in Indianapolis on Monday and they are really amazing. They gave me the greeps.
  • VERY Jerry Cantrell sounding, but that's not a bad thing. I love Cantrell! I'm liking RLC's Dying For A living album. I might have to go back and check out their first album now.
  • Dumb Luck is a damn good song. The rest of the album is decent with only a few standout tracks.
  • We just posted our review of "Dying For A Living" at http://thenewreview.net Check it out!
  • your music rocks!!!
  • Guys, Alice in Chains are back, we don't need another one! ...Dumb luck wasn't a bad song, but too close for comfort. I'll still give them a Chance.
  • vote for this pic : http://www.lastfm.ru/music/Red+Line+Chemistry/+images/47694819
  • wish they would play around pittsburg ks again
  • I love you guys!!! http://www.theredregimeonline.com

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