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  • GREAT GREAT GREAT!! I like this song!! :)
  • You guys are talking about the song...you can't love the song unless you've seeen...THE VIDEO!
  • Only RHCP song I like
  • One of the best RHCP songs.
  • excellent song (:
  • Amazing song
  • Great song..
  • one of the best
  • Best. Song. Ever.
  • fave track
  • simply the best band ever
  • this song is and always will be great one..cus eit's made in spiritual alternative rock way it's it basics+ vocals/lyricks are nice aswell so what to say....IT ROXS! and always will =)
  • F yes
  • Superb song, and the lyrics are great.
  • Whats wrong with the throat slitting bit? Anyway, excellent song.
  • I love John Fruschiante's vocals on the live version <3
  • awesome song, trying to play it on my guitar very often =)
  • Good song, aside from the Slitting my throat... lyric.
  • my fave RHCP song
  • great song!! =)


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