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  • Avatar for Christophogo
    Listened to this, then If You Want Me To Stay, then If You Have To Ask. Fab.
  • Avatar for larm0
    Нежныч медлячок :)мне нравится:)
  • Avatar for nnbobak
    To bad Frusciante stopped playing with the peppers , he was the absolute mastermind.
  • Avatar for Metal-Kathy86
    Not my favourite one - not the best song on Stadium Arcadium
  • Avatar for SHOTCLAW
    (me & my friends)
  • Avatar for Omar_the_Rhcp93
    It just doesn't fit to Stadium Arcadium. [2]
  • Avatar for fourstringgod
  • Avatar for seanbonner1
    One of my favourite Chili Peppers songs. Gets me every time.
  • Avatar for TerryK
    This song sounds like Phish.
  • Avatar for Va_Gabs
    Does anybody else in here think it's basically the same thing as "If" by the Pink Floyd? I mean, they are A LOT like each other.
  • Avatar for th-feddo
    Very Relax .
  • Avatar for JimiTheMute
    Amazing song.
  • Avatar for Crushd_Tin_Box
    It's wonderful to know that a band like Red Hot has matured like this and I am happy to have grown up with them.
  • Avatar for Tolka15
    It just doesn't fit to Stadium Arcadium. Separately it is really good to listen..
  • Avatar for Sun-kissed-girl
    if only i was the wiser of the two...
  • Avatar for doomedsphere
    If If was but and but was maybe then prehaps ?
  • Avatar for Opluquitiumasda
    great bass
  • Avatar for lilanab231
    wow this is the pretty side of rhcp
  • Avatar for StyleySlim
    This song sounds exactly like a Moody Blues song
  • Avatar for thedark115
    wow RHCP always amaze me with their specific and unique sound. Perfect
  • Avatar for Zohmen
    kocham tą piosenke ! i podzielam zdanie saryRHCP, świetnie sie przy niej zasypia xD
  • Avatar for SaraRHCP
    If is a perfect lullaby.
  • Avatar for 7eleven
  • Avatar for Tryssil
    ME like <3
  • Avatar for empe7
    cudne <3
  • Avatar for vampirek_b
    wole żywsze ale to teżniczego sobie ;D
  • Avatar for killswitch45
    Wow this band has gone through a huge change over the years.
  • Avatar for donpedja
  • Avatar for Milaan222
    This is not at All pepper style... Its not bad though but i'm more the funky type
  • Avatar for Miu91
    "wet sand"s also a gooood one)
  • Avatar for musicgodlything
    we could make a little residue. bwahahaha - not bad, but pales in comparison with anything on BSSM
  • Avatar for JaggedJimmyJay
    I had hopes it would be a cover of the Pink Floyd song by the same name, but it is still a very cool little song.
  • Avatar for adam-454
    It's good.
  • Avatar for pamento
    The only track on the album that i hated
  • Avatar for kausoksilo
    red hot is the best.....the end
  • Avatar for oscillate253
    I love it!...Just for you. They are a great band, and there is not a bad song on SA.
  • Avatar for amaroK_usr
    Meh, people on the whole are very dogmatic.
  • Avatar for abs3nt
    Why the fuck people hate songs that are different? Try listening to something else than just one genre. This is a great song. It sounds like there's bagpipes on the background;) Guess it's just John playing with some synth gadjets..
  • Avatar for TheRealEvilOne
    different but nice.
  • Avatar for Link0X1213
    I love this song!
  • Avatar for ArG316
    I don't understand why people hate this. It's a nice little song.
  • Avatar for skjeggen
    i really like it^^ guess i suck ass too:p
  • Avatar for WHirl4Sam
    I don't see what's so bad bout it, it's a nice little tune
  • Avatar for Jne
    Yeah. Rather bad song.
  • Avatar for Bigrd86
    you guess all suck lots of ass. This is probably one of the best songs on either cds. Its so simple yet complex. Truely one the best
  • Avatar for freakeh
    worst song on SA
  • Avatar for Blessedheart
    I'm absolutely loving this :)
  • Avatar for s0lar
    One of the musically better songs of the chili peppers
  • Avatar for blisterman
    The only weak song on Stadium Arcadium IMO

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