• Mi colección de música (self-note)

    6 Jul 2010, 02:57 by monofunk

  • Tuesday Ten: Getting Naked

    8 Jun 2010, 16:42 by amodelofcontrol

    I can't remember how the thinking for this week came about, but it might well have had something to do with the amount of people who were stripping down in the park over the weekend, trying to catch as much of the sun - literally - as possible. I also seem to recall that my girlfriend suggested this topic, too.

    Anyway, I've never quite understood the need to see your favourite music artists/bands whatever naked - I'm there for the music, it has to be said - but many, many artists have shed their clothes in one way or another and for one reason or another over the years, and I'm pretty sure that if you look hard enough it won't take long to find pictures of most singers/members of bands you can think of. And some I've seen inadvertently, I never want to see again.

    Peter Steele
    One I've definitely not seen, and have no interest to do so - at least one friend admitted she had over the weekend - was the late Type O Negative frontman's infamous full-frontal appearance in Playgirl. …