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  • Avatar for ebertholger
    Wow !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar for MrKatsumi
  • Avatar for saocore
    had a k-hole to this on time warp ny 10/10 would recommend
  • Avatar for TaTeVer
  • Avatar for VanillaMuffin23
    Fell in love with his music last year
  • Avatar for tekknoveteran
    i never heard the word post-techno before. there is nothing after techno, it's full alive.
  • Avatar for ITITITITIT
    @dreammbrother since when recondite became minimal techno? surely there is no post-techno or whatevs but it's not minimal
  • Avatar for Kyonil
    Super puper.
  • Avatar for Vorfelder66
  • Avatar for dreammbrother
    post-techno!? since when did minimal become post-techno..
  • Avatar for JLPUENTES
  • Avatar for Janekman
    great techno, Iffy's playing on repeat !
  • Avatar for hoo_ha_man
    iffy's incredible
  • Avatar for funkytechnician
    Damn, this guy is good.
  • Avatar for sue_denim
    Duolo is really good. excited for the album!
  • Avatar for syncr
    Heard on KCRW. Thank you jeebus!
  • Avatar for scannerve
    post-techno it is indeed
  • Avatar for iMurk
    I recon you're right there.
  • Avatar for EnderFoShowYo
    good thing lame bios don't hinter my judgment.
  • Avatar for Kyonil
    Хорошая EP.
  • Avatar for 0078h
    perfect hinterland
  • Avatar for Sorbetto13
    Acid Post-Techno
  • Avatar for Kyonil
  • Avatar for fkingly_fine
    He's done one hell of a remix for Ricardo Donoso; out on January! -
  • Avatar for derdakommtzumir
    thank you very much for Hinterland...
  • Avatar for apacce
    new album is very recondite i love it
  • Avatar for joeyodonnell
    Hinterland is stunning. Nice write up on RA as well:
  • Avatar for bylejaka-
    Hinterland is "exactly what I wanted to hear in techno. Great" [2]
  • Avatar for surajsharma
    hinterland is going to be fucking cool!
  • Avatar for oli4dc
    Hinterland is such a good record.
  • Avatar for lifeingeneralfm
  • Avatar for scannerve
    exactly what i wanted to hear in techno. great
  • Avatar for Sorbetto13
    Loved On Acid, can't wait to hear more.
  • Avatar for kanat909
    same trendy shit everywhere.. recondite, vessel, andy stott, lee gamble, etc. =))
  • Avatar for IdMod
    "On Acid" is decent
  • Avatar for m-saIami
    Eeeh TY Resident advisor too :)
  • Avatar for fkingly_fine
  • Avatar for Ali-Red
  • Avatar for echoghost
    anthony fantano sucks
  • Avatar for Ali-Red
    Thank you based fantano [5]
  • Avatar for MahYooh
    Thank you based fantano [4]
  • Avatar for reward_cheese
    The album is absolutely amazing. [2]
  • Avatar for Choke__me
    Thank you based fantano[3]
  • Avatar for AnUub1s
    Thank you based fantano[2]
  • Avatar for Longcount
    Thank you based fantano
  • Avatar for akzincke
  • Avatar for PaulSn
    The album is absolutely amazing.
  • Avatar for alexkovik
    haven't heard a 303 used this well in years.
  • Avatar for helloimjoshua
    what an album
  • Avatar for Murvin01
    "On Acid" is simply unreal!


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