• Purple Freaking Door Pt. I

    10 Aug 2005, 15:13 by ToothandNail04

    That's right, fools. I'll (hopefully) be on my way to Purple Door 2005 in a little over a week. And since my list of concerts i have attended is limited to local highschool bands and *gasp* Rebecca St. James, well...i'm quite excited for this.

    The line-up includes (but is not limited to):
    Norma Jean
    The Showdown
    The Chariot
    Haste the Day

    That's right...it's going to be freaking awesome. The best part? All but three of those bands are playing on the same stage. Which is good. Very good. Anyways, hopefully you guys can make it too (if you live anywhere in eastern pennsylvania. Go to [url=http://www.purpledoor.com nofollow=yes]www.purpledoor.com[/url] for details. This year it's at Ski Roundtop, which is somewhere around York or something. Tickets are $35.00 now, or, if you get them at the show, they're about $50.00. So buy them now if you're interested.