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  • i love you
  • agradável e relaxante demais
  • Absolutely awesome band <3 'Days' is a real masterpiece.
  • They sound like The War on Drugs-lite, something like that. But I don't find anything to hate about such a band. After giving a few listen, I say they weren't that bad.
  • @joshuak89, Yeah, keep listening to Jack Johnson.
  • If Days was the soundtrack to my happy days at the beach last year, Atlas were the mellow days thinking about what to do with my life after this summer
  • Best band ever ♥
  • Real Estate: Common ground for any fan with no soul ;)
  • No, I don't hate THEM as much as I hate what they represent, along with the whole slew of copycat bands that fester about in the Brooklyn music scene. They're just the most successful and well known of those bands, making them the most appropriate recipient of this anathema. Their sound itself doesn't evoke strong enough emotions within me for me to feel "hatred." It evokes nothing, rather, but that sort of lukewarmness and mediocrity is acceptable in an age when music is regarded as disposable and insignificant. I think it should offend the sensibilities of any true audiophile that such bands exist. As all of you can tell, I feel very passionately about this subject, and that's because I'm a normal human being, and human beings feel passionately from time to time, unlike what is expressed in any of Real Estate's music. You fans of this band might all be on anti-depressants or some other form of medication that deadens your soul, so perhaps that's foreign to you.
  • Man, that guy really hates Real Estate
  • It's no skin off my back if a misogynist doesn't enjoy a band I like. Happy trolling, my friend :)
  • Nah. All music should craft an atmosphere, but these guys pretty much intentionally avoid crafting any sort of atmosphere. They are neither hot nor cold, but lukewarm. I would say there's plenty of good "harmless" music, but Real Estate are only harmless because they are first lifeless, passionless, talentless, imaginationless, expressionless, and impotent. They essentially serve the same purpose as elevator music.
  • these guys craft atmospheres.. god bless harmless music for harmless people!
  • Someone with an actual imagination, unlike Real Estate. Their music doesn't bother me either. Their existence is what bothers me. The prevalence of their sound in the Brooklyn music scene is what bothers me. They represent the state music is in right now, where it's all relegated to harmlessly existing in the background of a clothing store or an Apple commercial. It offends me as a music lover that there are so many bands with that intentionally inoffensive limp-dicked sound.
  • this mikebaal guy has some serious mental problems, who pictures musicans getting boners or crying at their friend's funeral? That being said, real estate is more than alright. It didn't click with me yet, i'm not crazy about their music. But it certainly never bothers me
  • Hey guys I got to interview Matt Mondanile, check it out here http://www.punchland.com/feature/interview-ducktails/
  • Real Estate is what it sounds like when a group of people want to form a band so they can tell their friends they're artists who live in Brooklyn and play in a band, and who only want that. People who otherwise have nothing whatsoever to express. There are a zillion of these Real Estate sounding bands in the Brooklyn music scene, and they all sound as souldead and empty. Real Estate is the music for the generation who was given ADD medication and antidepressants growing up.
  • drivvel instrumentals, wacky cultists and metal, congratulations, you have won the most pretentious taste in music competition!
  • Zealant, I like plenty of "chilled out music" when it sounds like it's made by people who actually put effort into constructing the music. This band sounds like mediocre slop, and the band members all have a dead look in their eyes. Also, I NEVER said Real Estate sounds like a band lacking male genitalia; I said it sounds like a band possessing non-functional male genitalia. I'm perfectly capable of using other metaphors to express how uninspired they sound, but chose that one because I felt it to be the most appropriate. I CANNOT picture any of the members of Real Estate, a band of fairly young men, getting boners. I can't picture them having any sort of strong feelings one way or the other about anything. I can't imagine them crying if their best friend dies. I can't picture them jumping for joy over winning the lottery. Nothing. This is a band for people who are dead inside, and any and all of you patronizing their music are contributing to the degradation of humanity.
  • Had To Hear is actually, like... one of the best songs ever.
  • Ah.......the pleasant and soothing sounds of white privilege.
  • If you're incapable of enjoying chilled out music, or can't express that without comparing it to lacking male genitalia, you are one sad individual. Not all music is here to say "I'm driven solely by testosterone."
  • no other band makes me feel calm and takes away all the worries the way they do [5]
  • Every song of this album is really good. I like them all.
  • They make the most listenable and pleasant albums ever.
  • I am very fond of this band and always like listening to their songs in free time.
  • no other band makes me feel calm and takes away all the worries the way they do [4]
  • i like it!!
  • I like this band and enjoy listening to their songs. I hope to see them live, eventually.
  • me beija na boca essa bandaaaaaaaa
  • (a banda não o mercado imobiliário)
  • happy musique
  • No, I just can't imagine it. An erection is the physical manifestation of passion, something clearly the creators of this music possess none of. I mean, I guess it MIGHT be possible. It is still a pretty basic biological function, after all. Plus, they're young, even if they appear to be dead inside.
  • damn mikebaal is rude :(
  • Yes mu3sli, the entire elevator music genre.
  • the first album is so soothing, anyone know anything like it??
  • Based on the impression I get from hearing their music, I can't imagine even the possibility that any of the guys in this band are capable of getting an erection.
  • No kidding
  • No balls
  • no other band makes me feel calm and takes away all the worries the way they do [3] ♥♥♥
  • no other band makes me feel calm and takes away all the worries the way they do [2]
  • no other band makes me feel calm and takes away all the worries the way they do
  • April's Song <3 ( inspired by felt ?)
  • sls
    trill estate
  • Out of Tune (Jersey Club Remix)


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