• Ray Guntrip & Tina May "Out of the blue"

    5 Sep 2009, 15:56 by mat85teo

    Out of The Blue
    Ray Guntrip

    Nothing can cheer you up like this sparkling jazz. Ray Guntrip, skilled and expert british composer, took his time. He didn't want to disappoint us, but he went much further. He actually put a spell on us. His debut record "Out of the blue" is indeed like a sudden firework, as its colorful cover on a black background seems to suggest. The project involved some of the best british musicians (Gary Barnacle, Mark Nightingale, Stuart Brooks and more) and a vocalist with international reputation: Tina May. She added lyrics, sense of humor and a chilly seductive voice. Find yourself a smooth night, Ray Guntrip has just given you the rest.

    "Life without music would be a mistake" F. Nietzsche

    Ciao Ray, greetings from Sardinia =)