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  • Review: Ray Guntrip and Tina May - Out Of The Blue

    1 Dec 2008, 21:09 by dboynton

    Over the electronic transom it came to me - an invitation to download an album by Ray Guntrip a self-described "prolific but, until now, little-known British jazz composer," and Tina May, a lyricist/vocalist who put lyrics to nine of the eleven tracks on this disc.

    Good stuff, this - the razzle-dazzle opening track, "Exotic Stranger" has that sound of a classic you're sure you've heard before. The tricky "Be Bop - I Gotta Get Away From You" combines deft lyrics with a fine trombone solo from Mark Nightingale, whose credits include Steely Dan. In fact, the entire disc is a tribute to what can happen when you put great charts, lyrics, and a girl singer into a room with a bunch of old pros. Gary Barnacle and Julian Siegel on sax, Dick Pearce on trumpet ("Santa Maria Dance"), and bassist Alec Dankworth headline a great group of musicians.

    It's a good education (for me) in how much fine lyrics can add to great music. …
  • Message from Graciela Rodriguez To Ray Guntrip about Ray Guntrip And Tina May

    20 Nov 2008, 22:30 by rguntrip

    Hello Ray,

    First of all thanks very much for the fabulous work you've put together in your cd! (and for sending it to me).
    My most sincere congratulations! I think it's a total achievement to manage to do such a masterpiece as your first release. Great tunes, greater arrangements. Not to mention, fantastic musicians. No words. "Be-bop" (amazing tune! - like all the rest, but this one has got that something). Where did you get that Latin vein from?

    I enjoy Tina May, her voice and lyrics are the mirror of her personality, it's a surprise hearing her singing in different styles (I love Demons Dancing!). She's genial.

    Well... From now on I'm talking about your album with every musician I know. If you ever need me to put down some vocals, I would be most honoured to work with you.

    Keep in touch!


    PS: I've attached here a recording I did 3 years ago with my band in Spain (we all played at the same time). …
  • Ray Guntrip's Debut cd information

    28 Oct 2008, 15:30 by rguntrip

    Ray Guntrip


    Out of the blue is the debut CD of a prolific
    but, until now, little-known British jazz
    composer. Well-established on the local
    jazz scene in his native Kent, Ray
    Guntrip has more than two hundred compositions
    to his name. Out of the Blue features the cream
    of his tunes played by some of the UK’s leading
    musicians. The enthusiastic involvement of two

    influential figures on the music scene in bringing
    Ray’s work to a wider audience is itself a testimony to
    the quality of the music it celebrates.

    The catalyst for the project was Gary Barnacle,
    sometime tenor-sax player with Tina Turner and
    Level 42, as well as a host of big-name bands from
    Jamiroquai to David Bowie, the Clash and Phil Collins.
    He was prompted to suggest a recording project after
    playing a number of gigs with Ray’s band, Green
    Machine. Gary also spotted an additional, and for Ray,
    unexplored potential: the addition of lyrics.

    An inspired recommendation brought Ray together
  • Ray Guntrip "OUT OF THE BLUE " reviews

    21 Oct 2008, 14:50 by rguntrip

    2008-07-09 17:12:00
    Out of the Blue cd

    The Ray Guntrip and Tina May cd was played on the Solar Radio [ Los Angeles] Mike Parlett show on Sunday 6th July.Track one Exotic Stranger was played, followed later by track four Santa Maria Dance. Ray also gave a telephone interview, giving some background to the project. The remaining tracks can be heard over the forthcoming weeks. A full review will follow.
    Mike Parlett - SOLAR RADIO (6 May 2008)
    Ray Guntrip and Tina May Out Of TheBlue --- rayguntripmusic.com /* * * Tina May(v) plus various personnel including Dick Pearce (t) Gary Barnacle, Julian Siegal, Iain Ballamy (ts), Mark Nightingale (tb), Ray Guntrip (p. ky. org). Alec Dankworth (b) and Tony Bianco (d) Rec date not stated . (2007) A well-known figure on the Kent Jazz scene, this CD from keyboard player and composer Ray Guntrip consists entirely of self-penned compositions. Following the advice of sax player Gary Barnacle, Guntrip sought a lyricist for the project and enlisted the fabulous Tina May…