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Raven Dark is a part of the Blazebirth Hall circle hailing from Russia and is the project of Ulv Gegner Irminsson with contributions by Kaldrad (Branikald). In 2000 Ulv decided to abandon Raven Dark and work on a new project called Wotansjolv, which is as yet unreleased. Ulv also contributed to other Blazebirth Hall bands, namely Vargleide and Forest and also formed a band outside the circle known as Velimor.

On the night of October 23rd 2005 Ulv Gegner Irminsson… read more

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  • 1646868
  • "A shame that such a good band is no longer playing. Verdandi is a hell of an album " That's because the person behind this project is dead maybe? :D
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  • "Eternal Freezing Moon" is the epitome of lo-fi awesome black metal.
  • Poetic justice delivered to nazi scumbags
  • Mini Varg.
  • So, I used to think of Raven Dark as bringing up the rear of BlazeBirth Hall, but then I heard Katarsis. That is one hell of an album, possibly as great as Frost Vision.
  • Autumn Roar is by far the rawest album I own, and the second rawest black metal I've ever listened to (the first being mp3s of Evil from Brazil), but it's still fairly awesome in its own way.
  • hail
  • Yes, BH best!

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