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  • Avatar for defaault
    Definitely some Robot Rock in there aswell!
  • Avatar for tt-g_12
    Was wird daraus? Wenn der Bruno mal tot geht?
  • Avatar for korovamilkbar8
    You loved: Drugs
  • Avatar for TrafficRiot911
  • Avatar for bernlin2000
    Still love it...their magnum opus (so far)
  • Avatar for Sockmonkey15
    Exactly what bernlin2000 said, I instantly was reminded of Daft Punk with this one. Classic, beautiful, trippy, phenomenal track. Ratatat is so damn underrated.
  • Avatar for VGKS
    ahahahaha the video!:D can't handle it
  • Avatar for kevkev3
  • Avatar for Zephism
    just a fucking phenomenal track, and a dope video to go with it.
  • Avatar for mynontrolllastf
    Be sure to buy Drugs on iTunes.
  • Avatar for bernlin2000
    Reminds me of "Aerodynamic" with those sweeping guitars. Gorgeous!
  • Avatar for peT-the-dead
    GOSH! I get it.
  • Avatar for Emgmt
    In the beginning the vid. is pure communism.
  • Avatar for Jorgov_
    i died after watching the video
  • Avatar for FuManchu_
    Wo landen diese Sachen? Wo landen diese Instrumente? Was wird daraus? [4] übrigens: RIP Bruno S. :(
  • Avatar for Evilninja1337
    LOL at the video. perfect.
  • Avatar for fastkomplett
    Wo landen diese Sachen? Wo landen diese Instrumente? Was wird daraus? [2]
  • Avatar for chronicplutonic
    i love drugs
  • Avatar for laddertown
  • Avatar for whyisjake
    This song is soooo good.
  • Avatar for monocore
    Theyre back. Awesome.
  • Avatar for AnarchyDom
    Love this.
  • Avatar for lenefjeldberg
    omg. kick ass song.
  • Avatar for SpitFire00
    Wo landen diese Sachen? Wo landen diese Instrumente? Was wird daraus?
  • Avatar for glances
  • Avatar for robbrownell
  • Avatar for reinformpulse
    yes this is heartbreakingly good
  • Avatar for Jaggaemusiq
    I love drugs!
  • Avatar for perfect-sonnet
    so good !
  • Avatar for jandelightmyway
    to sum up: 'daft-ice' plus screaming guitar-atat = good
  • Avatar for Adrianovaz2007
    Screaming-like guitars' solos are one of the best Ratatat technics! In this song it's better than ever!
  • Avatar for joshraw
  • Avatar for oruiz
    daft punk! And that's a good thing
  • Avatar for mtrauma
    was wird daraus?
  • Avatar for jensnystrom
    A little bit Justice in this one.
  • Avatar for terminals
  • Avatar for sc8tty
    sick track...makes me want to do the robot!
  • Avatar for Thisisn0treal
    then my brain exploded from the awesome funky synths!
  • Avatar for Thisisn0treal
    this song is just so insanely good, I was in love from the first bar
  • Avatar for nuwanda
    Oh yes. Best. Ratatat track. Ever.
  • Avatar for Schfifteh
  • Avatar for menxu87
  • Avatar for Sateloista
    this is great
  • Avatar for scytix
    this is ridiculous!
  • Avatar for BLAST445
    wow !
  • Avatar for DrewG
    Great buildup, great entrance, great funk. Awesome track all around.
  • Avatar for NicksTunes
  • Avatar for shane0789
    simply orgasmic
  • Avatar for errore
    is it just me or they have kind of justicified themselves a little bit, which is not bad at all.
  • Avatar for tflatron
    This is some crazy funkadelic brilliance. (2)


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