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Similar Artists

  1. 葉山りく (Riku Hayama) and 遊女 (YuNa) collaborated on several occasions for the doujin music circle SYNC.ART'S.

  2. honeypocket (はにーぽけっと, Haniipoketto) is a four-piece Japanese pop-rock band with a female lead vocalist, あき (Aki).

    Besides the releases of their…

  3. Renko is a name of at least two artists:

    A pseudonym of a Japanese doujin ongaku singer-songwriter and member of circles: Orange★Jam, Felt…

  4. Alias of シノダナオキ
    cakebox (solo circle): http://sound.jp/cakebox/
    空色作戦: http://ameblo.jp/sorairosakusen/

  5. Hatsunetsumiko~s (発熱巫女~ず) is a doujin group that makes music.


  6. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  7. Takanashi Toriko

    Circle: Alstroemeria Records

    Website: https://twitter.com/pppptoriko

  8. Name: Emei

    Website: https://twitter.com/emink0

  9. ゴム (Gom) and めらみぽっぷ (Meramipop) provided vocals to the song Burning Force.

  10. Name: Renka

    Circle: 舞風 (Maikaze)


  11. Lyricist and vocalist.

    Circle: AniPix

  12. Youka (陽花) is a Japanese vocalist, member of Hatsunetsumiko's (発熱巫女~ず) doujin circle.


  13. Sariya-jin (サリヤ人) is a Japanese singer.


  14. nayuta (1): female Japanese artist known for her works at Nico Nico Douga, also known as Hazuki Nano(葉月なの), なゆた@nano.h, and currently Nanakusa…

  15. ココ (Koko) 大瀬良あい (Oosera Ai)

  16. We don't have a wiki here yet...
  17. Mai

    Circle: little white snow


  18. みぃ (Mii)

    ちっぽ (Chippo)

  19. 綾倉盟 (Ayakura Mei) / 市松椿 (Ichimatsu Tsubaki)


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