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Initially Rastasize was meant to be a one-album-project, cooperation between young producer Krystian "K-Jah" Walczak and Dawid Portasz (vocalist and song writer: Jafia Namuel, The Brainhole, Sedativa)

All songs were written between the year 2007 - 2008 and recorded between May and June 2008.
To coordinate the process of composing, arranging and producing, Rastasize invited a multi-instrumentalist, composer and one of the top Polish producers Mateusz Pospieszalski.
The making of this album took place in Tuff-Gong Studios, Kingston, Jamaica in collaboration with world finest reggae musicians:

Drums - Sly Dunbar, Deleon White, Mark Dawson
Bass - Robbie Shakespeare, Glen Browne, Strickland Stone, Michael Fletcher
Guitar - Wayne Armond, Ian "Beezy" Coleman, Robert Browne
Keyboards - Robbie Lynn, Phillip James, Kevon Webster
Saxophone - Dean Fraiser
Trumpet/Flagel Horn/Trombone - Everol Wray
Percussion - Uzziah "Sticky" Thompson
Background Vocals - Earl & Maria Smith, Althea Hamilton, Connie Campbell.

The mixes were done by Roland McDermott, Shane C. Brown. A large part of the album was mixed by Bob Marleys legendary sound engineer Errol Brown.

It is not certain whether the one-album-project idea will be kept or not, but the album of Rastasize entitled "Day By Day" is now being released

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